Any way to bypass blocked words?

Basically, with the help of userscripts I often add quicker answers for my words. I now feel like I’m banging my head against the wall with 冊. I’ve learned it ages ago, but have yet to get it right a single time in my reviews. When I first encountered it I immediately went to write “books” for it as a synonym because no way am I writing book counter every single time. Now my autocommit does ackonwledge it, which is actually kind of bad because wanikani doesn’t. I’m guessing books is on the blocked words list to although I’ve added it myself it still doesn’t approve of it, and my stupid ADHD brain can’t seem to get that I’m just supposed to grit my teeth and type the entire thing because before I even realise what I’m seeing I will have typed books on the screen and it’s an automatic wrong answer at that point…

Yk what maybe I’ll just invent a whole new synonym for it and go with that instead since it seems like it might be the easiest option here

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There’ve been a few discussion in the past regarding bypassing block lists in the past, but as far as I’m aware there’s no way to do this, short of just using something like the Double-Check script to mark your answer as correect.

If the length is the issue, I’d suggest just setting a new synonym, aye. I’d expect ‘volumes’ to be on the block list too, incidentially.

Might I suggest the entirely made-up bookount? hehe


What about “b counter”? Answering “books” doesn’t seem like a smart thing to do to me personally. 冊 is a counter, not the object it’s counting.


What about “n books” and “n volumes”?


Yeah but 3冊 is 3 books. As long as you know it’s the counter and not a word for “book” itself (as OP does) it doesn’t matter


I read this on my phone shortly after waking up.

At first, I read “banging my head against the wall with ‘ffff’” (I had 吹き出す on the brain for reasons anyone in the senryu thread will understand).

Then I thought: “Oh, he means 柵!”

Coffee, I need coffee!


Well yes, but how many such exceptions one has to commit to memory? :sweat_smile:
That’s the point I was trying to make.

At this point @polv 's suggestion seems to make the most sense to me.

That doesn’t seem like an exception to me, but okay. Whatever works for you

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This comment was not necessary, but whatever works for you.

I was just saying, if it helps you to think of it as an exception, then that’s what helps you, but it’s not an exception. It’s simply that in Japanese, you use specific words to count specific things (which are usually not the actual word for what’s being counted), but in English we just use the actual word for the thing. It’s not wrong to see 冊 and go “books” or “volumes” in English because that’s what it would be in English


I definitely agree with that! Is “volumes” on the blocked list for 冊 as well?
It would maybe make sense and revisit this topic with support, let the mods know, and see if the choices for blocked words for some counters, including 冊 could not be reverted.

I agree it doesn’t make sense to do a 1:1 translation for “book counter” and 冊 and maybe be more idiomatic about it.


According to Item Inspector the block list for 冊 is empty and books is an accepted meaning.

Book Counter

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What about the kanji for 冊, not the vocab?

Here it is. The block list is empty but Books is not an accepted meaning.

Book Counter

Book and Books are in warning list for Kanji 冊, last time I looked.

Run this in console in the app website.

fetch(',4170').then(r => r.json())

Yes Books and Books on the warning list for Kanji 冊.