Any tips for recording grammar points in a Google Sheets / Excel doc

Hi everyone! I’ve recently started taking part in the Ruri Dragon absolute beginners book club after lurking here for a while. Given that I am now learning grammar points which I will want to remember/practise, I wanted to create a google sheets document to track all the grammar points I have learned. I was wondering if anyone does anything similar and could possibly show me what their sheet looks like for some inspiration on how to set it out.

Jo-Mako’s massive google sheet of grammar is probably most closely aligned with what you’re looking for. There are tabs on the bottom for navigating to the various lists.

They have a full website with a few more resources, too.


Hunter x Hunter had a grammar sheet, although it was “only” filled in for three week. I put “only” in quotation marks because it must have been super labor intensive to do, so I’m impressed it was done for three whole weeks! Well done by those who filled that in. Maybe that can give some ideas?


Maybe linking to a website with the explanation?

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you can check bunpro for the explanation

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I’m more of a Maggie sensei or japanesetest4you kinda guy.

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I’m late to the party!

My grammar worksheet is organized by which types of words or which forms of words it involves. So everything regarding te form is in one section, everything added to a Masu stem is in another, and so on.

Sorting it like that made me see what the elements have in common, among other advantages.