Any tips for memorizing

こんにちは, I’m new here and wanted to know if anyone had tips for memorizing, I think I’m good, but it’s nice to get advice either way.


Doing the reviews and getting them wrong constantly is the best way to remember them.

At some point you’ll remember them; that’s the SRS point.

So, do your reviews! :slight_smile:


I learn by immersion. From the very beginning. SRS can be used as a tool, helps you not to forget things. Once you know a little more than a few phrases, you can create mnemonics, create vivid short stories from manga, anime. Or make up weird stories, like those from KanjiDamage. Once you can use Japanese monolingual dictionaries, you can describe, use similar words for notes, you can rephrase weird, long Japanese sentences.

Immersion, learn by experiencing, remember back, make those moments long lasting through mnemonics. For me, it works better than rote learning.

About how to read kanji. I learn the word first, e.g. やさしい, then later try to recognize the kanji 優しい. Writing them a few times helps. If I forget the kanji, I still remember the word and maybe its context.

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Looks at name

Immersion, yes… :eyes:


sometimes it helps making up your own mnemonics!


I write every character/term down 48 times, to make sure I really get it. Coming up with your own mnemonics, as well as constantly doing the reviews helps too.

Also, is an exceptional tool for remembering the kanji! It’s English to Japanese, so you’ll have to wrack your brain for that specific character, creating lots of neuron pathways as you do :blush:

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