Any good tool to practise hearing pitch accent_

Well I know pitch accent isn’t totally necessary, but it seems like something good to practice. Any good way to practice listening for it? Thanks for any replies!!!


Well, you could always watch anime or really, anything in Japanese and you’ll get used to the pitch accent naturally

Good luck!


Well that is true, but in order to get good at hearing it. Is there anything that has mininal pairs to practice like to hear the difference between rain and candy?

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I’ve given up on that one, since I live in Kansai where it’s reversed from Standard Japanese anyway.


haha either way I just want to make sure I can hear the difference even if it is flipped lol

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Dont worry about hearing the difference, just worry about hearing the pattern. If you can tell each of them is their own distinct pattern, you’ll be able to tell their difference. I know of a way to make anki cards that automatically give you audio and the pitch accent pattern if you want.


Maybe this might be a help?

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Doesn’t the audio of each lesson help??

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Something like this maybe?

For starters, can you hear the pitch raise at the end of questions? I think that’s a good place to start since it’s very consistent.

Other stuff like sentence patterns and suffixes tend to change the pitch accent of words and, like was already brought up by Leebo, there’s a lot of region variation.

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Here’s a very good accent dictionary

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