Any good books for beginners?

As the titles says, does anyone have any good Japanese children books that are good for beginners (preferably free ones on the internet). If so, then please post it!



Here you go:


Thank you so much!

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Also, when you’re ready to read larger books, there’s this book club.


You may also want to check this thread out. The book list includes free and for purchase reading material.


There is a series of books by 高橋書店(たかはししょてん)called 「なぜ?どうして?」which are like mini text books that are marketed towards children between, I would say, 8 - 12 years of age. They are picture books and have lots of graphics but are written in a simple yet “Japanese” academic voice. While they are aimed at a younger readers they still use plenty of larger words and use kanji (with furigana).

There are many books in the series each covering a different topic. Topics range from Japan, 「日本のふしぎ なぜ?どうして?」 , to space 「宇宙のふしぎ なぜ?どうして?」. So you can find a topic that you already know a lot about or learn something new while practicing Japanese.

This is not an ad, but I honestly really like these books. I’m reading reading through the Japanese one now, and its fun. The books are cute and since they are kinda like text books you can just pick a chapter or section and just read it by itself without being bogged down with trying to understand a 30 page chapter of a larger novel.

That’s amazon Japan, but you can ship too wherever.

Other books that I’m reading through right now are: 「読んでおきたい 日本の名作」and a few books from the 「君が見つける物語」series (these books are for teenagers are a pretty challenging and usually make me fall asleep within 15 minutes of cracking the cover).

Thank you for this link. I’ve been trying to find books to read so i can practice reading :smile:
I do have なぜ?どうして?せかいはふしぎ 1年生 and 2 年生. More reading materials are great.

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