Any french learning WK trough english?

HI ! I’m flying trough lvl 3 already and I enjoy WK a lot. I’m french but my English is pretty good since I live in a bilingual city. Some mnemonic are better in french for me so I change then as I go. The sounds are also much more easier an closer to french. But when traveling people always use there original language or English as a default. So I tough it would be easier to learn this way ? I don’t know … what do you guys think?

Ho … and I was wondering, is there a way that I could test my new skills in a “real life travel situation” after lvl 3 to convince myself that the investment to continue is a good choice?


Hello and Welcome!

I’m also french and live in a non-french speaking country.
Personally, I end up using the default mnemonic most of the time, but I do write up my own in french whenever a tough word comes up. (or cheat whenever a baseball vocab arrives :innocent: )
So if you’re not tired of doing it manually then great! It should work even better long term, as you’re coming up with your own mnemonics, they should stick better with you.

Investment-wise for tourism (if I got that right), someone else should be able to give you a better answer, but in general, I don’t think you should see much results from wanikani before level 10 at least. Wanikani focuses on Kanji first, which, for tourism purposes, might not be the most optimal route to take first.


I’ve done no travel so have no information to help you there, but just wanted to say how useful it is for language learning to know more than one already! Pronunciation is probably easier for someone native in French than in English anyway, but I’d take a look at phonology of both anyways.

Outside of Kanji, we don’t really know what your ability to speak or conversate would be, but looking at native materials would probably help you understand yourself better when it comes to your own skills. Have an amazing time learning the japanese language and have a great day!


Salut Oxdouze!
I’m going to japan whit my son on a to to visit a samurai school for at least a month. We’ve been invited there by the samurai. I need to write and translate some of our communication and since I’m a visual i tough that learning this way would help my have a solid base to learn how to communicate at some point.

J’suis content de savoir que d’autre français utilise WK!

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Tagging @Saibaneko さん so that she doesn’t miss this thread.

Anyway, welcome to WaniKani; I hope you’d like it here!
Best of luck with your studies!


Oh that’s really nice! Hope you’ll enjoy!

I don’t know enough about your current level in Japanese to really help, but can I assume for now that you are a relative beginner? If you aren’t, skip the following :slight_smile:

At least for the writing part, what I can say for now is that one of the big steps is indeed Kanji. And for that, I haven’t found a better place to learn those than Wanikani, both for the actual website and the forum.
But you also need to learn the grammar, vocabulary (and idioms to some extent), which is not what Wanikani was made for. For that you’ll need other resources (If you end up liking the SRS systems like Wanikani, bunpro is another website that does the same thing for grammar for example)

If you plan on reaching a level where you can communicate in writing in the “short” term, I would strongly recommend you also take private lessons with a teacher at the same time

Keep in mind I’m assuming quite a bit here haha, me or someone else will probably be able to give more precise advice once we know a bit more about your starting point :grin: . I’m also assuming that you would like to communicate in Japanese to a level without any outside help soon.

If learning Japanese is more a long term goal, then the usual advice people give here is Wanikani until level 10, then also add grammar from then on.

In any case, I’m also glad to see another French here!