Any Experience with "Magnetic Memory"?

Is this a legitimate site? On the one hand, memory palaces are a time tested technique, but on the other hand, the way the site presents itself reminds me of more dubious sites I’ve seen. They use that thing where they send you to a few (four in this case) videos, and then after you’ve watched them offer a ‘sale’. This feels really fishy to me. It also has a lot of “our product can do anything!” style advertising.

If it’s legitimate, I’d be inclined to pay the $100. Yeah, more likely than not most if not all of the information offered would be available elsewhere, but it wouldn’t be the first time (nor probably the last) that I paid for the convenience of having it all in one place. (That’s basically what WaniKani is. :smiley: (Though WaniKani is way less fishy looking; don’t worry. Except for the crab and the alligator. :crabigator: They look pretty fishy to me as a non-marine-biologist. :laughing:)) But honestly, it kindof looks like I’d be paying 100 USD for fish oil. Though the fact that they apparently have quite recent posts on their blog does lend some legitimacy to them, I think.

Their advertising, at the very least, is undoubtedly a bit questionable, but if their only real fault is misrepresenting their product, and I have correctly estimated or underestimated the true value of their product at the time of purchase, I don’t really care. (see bolded text for what I would expect of a product like theirs, if legitimate)

Has anyone used this site’s product? If you ended up not liking it, did they honor the money back promise? (even that makes me a bit wary, even though I wouldn’t find it odd in another context) Obviously there’s no magic elixir that gives you a perfect memory, but did the site deliver what I would reasonably expect of it, which is, in my opinion: “a guide to start using memory palaces, results guaranteed only if you actually put in the work and practice”?

Anyway, if you read all this; thanks. Hopefully someone here is familiar with it and willing to lend some knowledge? Thanks for your time. :crabigator:

I haven’t looked at the site, but just from reading your description, I’d say don’t bother. You can find all the information required on making this work elsewhere, cheaper.

Basically, someone trying to make money selling something that is either common sense/readily available elsewhere (like all those dating advice things that promise to give you “that one trick to make him/her yours forever” and it’s always pretty self-evident dating advice). Read up on mnemonic in general (googling it will give you plenty of resources). I guess it comes down to: do you want to pay to be led by the hand, or do you want to put in a little bit more effort and look up the info yourself.


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