Any alternative to the "caterpillar" app?

Hey everyone!

I saw a wanikani thread recommanding this really cool application called “caterpillar”, which basically lets you learn from watching movies/series by giving it both the subtitles and the video and it examines you along the way.
Thing is, that app is no longer availabe(seems that the site is down).

Is anyone familliar with a similar software? it looked really useful and fun…
Thanks in advance!

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One option is this:

If the video has both English and Japanese subtitles available, then you can also turn on “learn mode”, which basically does what you describe. Issue is, you can only use the episodes they provide (and it seems like a lot of the learn-enabled episodes aren’t available in my region…)


Hah. Just got this month’s Japanese Learning Resources e-mail from Tofugu, which spruiks Language Learing with Netflix, which is basically the same thing as Viki above, but using Netflix with a Chrome extension.

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Thank you Belthazar,
These two are really nice suggestions, though I will miss the questioning/examining features that Caterpillar had.
I will give them a try!

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