Answers are not accepted, wiggles instead

So I’m having trouble where I put it either the pronunciation or the English translation, and despite it being a correct answer, it just wiggles like when you put in a different pronunciation than WK is looking for.

I can bypass it, sort of, by doing a “last ten,” then turn it off so the present question goes away, and then it’ll work, but it’s often only for a few questions until it happens again.

I’ve had trouble like this in the past. I don’t remember when or how it stopped. The only thing I’ve changed recently is that I’ve added a new userscript I forgot I liked when I had to redownload tampermonkey for having issues there (the userscript is level duration 2).


Do you often have a second review session open? Things like that or bad internet can make that happen


I did have one open! I have an unfortunate habit of having five or so windows open with several tabs, each (isn’t adhd just grand?). I’ll see if that makes a difference! Thanks!


No problem! If you have problems remembering to close review sessions, you can try installing this script (there’s no download it’s just the plain code) to notify you if there’s an unattended review session:


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