Another Weird Occurance: Vocab MEANING SHAKE


To be honest, I don’t remember what it means. The reading, I got it bang-on, because it worked in the IME just now.

So, “eye-like” I think… it’s got to be pretty, or looks good… or something idyllic… so… I type in

“looks good”

The input field goes RED telling me I’m wrong… but only for a split-second! THEN, the bar becomes empty and shakes! (As if I had chosen the kun’yomi instead of on’yomi on a kanji reading!)… WHAT?!

I am running into all kinds of weird bugs today.
I typed in the same thing again, to see if it happened again - this time it stayed wrong.

But still… what is up with my review session today?

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Do you have another instance of lessons or reviews open somewhere, per chance? Be it in different tab, browser or device (phone / tablet).

That’s usually when I run into it.

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I did not. I do not.

Excellent attempt at troubleshooting, but no.

Ever since I’ve discovered that to be an issue, I really make sure I don’t do that.

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Any scripts running?

Yes, at the time it was WKOF, WKOF Additional Features (although I don’t know why it is on this page), and Ultimate Reorder 2.

Firefox, Windows 10 Pro.

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