Another way to learn that forces you to produce what you've learned?

Just yesterday I took my final first year japanese exam and the kanji part which I was pretty confident with was quite a mess.

I could remember and pronounce all the kanji but drawing them out of nowhere, oh god.
(馬 / 長) and (後 / 夜) gave me the most trouble.

Also I was confused between 聞 間 since I didn’t got to those in WK lol.

The word was 新聞 which I wrote in Hiragana as しんかん :man_facepalming:

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Instead of waiting for the next Kanji review, maybe try learning some grammar.
There are plenty books specifically made for that purpose, and they come with exercises that you can do to make sure the grammar actually sticks.
Wanikani only offers kanji and related vocabulary after all, and Japanese (like all languages) is more than knowing words.

There are free online sources for grammar, but I highly suggest either a book like the Genki series, or using the website Bunpro.
Books like the Genki series, will give you a list of vocabulary, a few new grammar points and practice in every chapter. (I’m using the Minna no Nighongo series because I got them when I studied Japanese in college. It’s similar)
Bumpro is like SRS (as far as I know, I haven’t used it. Others are better suited to explain)

If you’re serious about learning, this is what I suggest.

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