Another plain verb stem になり、。。。

Genki second edition Lesson 16. reading p. 299

And another from
She was about to know about my secret plan, so I told a lie at once.
himitsu no keikaku ga kanojo ni baresou ni nari, tossa ni uso o tsuite shimatta.

Now I have Makino’s dictionary (all three of them) but I can’t find any help there nor anywhere. Can someone point me where I can read about such use of stem or naru. Because I myself would wright になった。

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Are you familiar with using the て form for sentence continuation? Using the stem can be the same, but it is for written or formal language.


Thank u Leebo. I hope you get paid for living in this forum as a good spirit of some sort.
I will now start reading what Makino says about use of て. Or can you give me some keyword to look further - not that i don’t believe you, I just wan’t to read more.

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Not that I recommend Tae Kim generally, but here’s something to get started with.

And here’s a stack exchange question about the stem form in writing.

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Thank you very much.

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