Another Day... of insano-mode

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What’s making it insano-mode?

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Oh just a constant barrage of reviews that equate into the ranges of 400-951 a day… constant… relentless, unending insanity that is “WaniKani Forever”.


How about not leveling up for the time being and just getting reviews under control?? :eyes: Doing something about leeches etc.

Having up to 951 reviews in a day is just insanity. How about not doing that?


Well thing is I’ve not been doing any other lessons except Kanji which in the grand scheme of things… is practically a drop of water in the pan so to speak.

I’ve been doing this for the past 5ish levels… it’s not going down and believe it or not my leeches are not THAT bad.

If I would have known that the first few levels of 50 would be so chaotic I wouldn’t have done them, they all got piled on like a mass of crazed turtles, and they are pissed off dude, they are not messing around… I mean the only thing on their minds is blood and as much of it as they can get!

This marathon right now is about over and at this point in a real race I would be puking on myself, but I’m going to at least finish the kanji to level 60 and then later if EVER this tones the hell down, I’ll start working on the rest of the vocab.

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Well, how do you explain your number of reviews then?? Because, you shouldn’t be having those numbers unless you’ve got a lot of apprentice and guru items. And those are your leeches.

This indicates as much as well. If you’re actually skipping vocab lessons, even less reason to have a high number of reviews, unless you’re not moving items up the SRS levels.


Well… yeah maybe, this is pretty regular for me:

I feel since the short levels showed up things have just exploded… for practically the entire way up to about 48-50, I would have around 1000 drills in my up comings… now it floats around 1500-1600.

And my long term memory isn’t super spot on I burn at around 50-70% (at times much higher) depending on the day and I push these things into enlightened at a higher rate than the burning but it wouldn’t just pile on that quickly I don’t think.

Either way… this ridiculous beast of a crab and an alligator is just passing into super boss mode and it’s driving me crazy… and I’m sure this won’t be the last post I make while doing drills.

But on days where I have to sort of take a break between the wrath of drills put upon me (only do 250 drills that day), I do go over leeches to help with some of this. However those are the days I swear I’m doing WaniKani longer than the super drills >_< … so even if it is just leeches, I still feel stuck in this vortex of insanity.

I’m gonna keep moving through to at least cover all the content and then work on pushing those up while I work on other things like reading much more and working more grammar into the mix than I am. I’m heading to Japan again in August and it’s business related this time with my business partner, my wife and I are basically “making the move” so to speak (under 1 year visa then it looks like it will go to a 5 year and continue on from there), so I’m doing everything I can to at least stand on my own much more than I was able to when I was going to school there.

I know from my experience there I do get way better at everything Japanese of course the longer I’m there so I’m probably beating myself up a bit more than I should. But it’s that damn OCD buddy.

I’ll keep at it, I’ll hit 60 in about 2 weeks or so if that… then I can slowly get on all this extra vocab and file out these large queues.

But what I will do is create some anki decks of the leeches moving forward and run through them a couple times every day… even knocking this down just 100 drills a day would be practically a life saver.


You’re almost there, though! That level 60 is almost in your grasp!!!


Yeah the short levels were probably the hardest for me to get through. I had to slow down and do them at the same pace as the regular levels.

There’s a good argument to be made for stopping at 50 but I can sympathize about that OCD :wink:

I agree with @ekg in that doing Kanji without vocab just tanks my accuracy all around, but I can understand wanting to get the badge and be done.

I honestly just stopped doing reviews and went into vacation mode a month after hitting 60 and moved on to other things.

耐え忍んで頑張りだろう :smiley:


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