Annoying Website Issue

I’ve had several pages hang on me in the past. I’m wondering if it’s some combination of high traffic and non-optimal indexing on whatever their back-end database is.

This happens too often that I just don’t wait anymore. If a word’s info takes too long to load, I just hit ESC (ignore script) and move on. It comes back and I get it wrong deliberately.

It probably has to do with congestion during peek hours in high traffic time zones.

Same here. Been using WaniKani nearly 2 years.
Server load???

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I write back-end code for web apps at work, so this is my take on it:

I just started WK a month ago, so I don’t have enough time to say for sure. Have you noticed the lag times getting more frequent over time (more common now than when you started)? If so, that could suggest the server/s are getting more requests than they can handle, and are queuing or dropping requests to cope. If they’ve been more or less consistent, I couldn’t say without knowing more about the back end code and database. Maybe indexing issues or conflitcing database reads?

Same here happens all the time and has continued to happen for the 2 years I’ve been around, although it hasn’t gotten worse or more often.

I think I remember long ago Viet saying this was a WK server issue. Although maybe I dreamt that.

This problem is worst on my android phone. I don’t bother seeking the correct answer on android any more.

When it happens on my MBP, I either go to jisho and look up the word or I switch on “Safari kai” and hover my mouse over the kanji to get the correct reading.

The problem has recurred more frequently in recent months. I didn’t notice it in the earlier levels (1-10).

I’ve also had a few review sessions just die, saying it couldn’t connect to the server. That has been a more recent phenomenon, but I wonder if it’s related.

they should load the item info along with the reading so it doesn’t need to be retrieved when clicked. maybe cache it locally since the reading will likely come up again tomorrow.

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I just went through a review. It looks like it loads the whole review queue at the start, and the meaning/reading info when you request it. To be honest, this is how I think it should be done; to load all the reading information, and all the meaning information for every review item would be a massive amount of data you might not even want to see. If anything, that would make load times far worse, especially if you have a large review queue.

i think they should at least cache the reading info locally upon hit if they’re really conscious about the amount of data transmitted. even cache it when you learn it for the first time because you definitely know they’re most likely going to see it again tomorrow.

either way, it seems like wanikani is gaining a lot more customers since it looks like it’s a traffic issue. maybe it’s time from them to start thinking about scaling the site. i’m sure they can afford a redis caching layer perhaps.

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Without going too much into it a lot of the performance issues stems from the current public API and how our data model is set up. Basically it hasn’t been scaling well. For a while we were tossing resources at it.

We roadmapped some quarterly goals to address this issue and started to work towards them since the beginning of the year. So far we have been meeting each one (although many are back-end stuff you all probably won’t notice immediately).

I’ve made a post earlier in the day as an aside on a different topic.

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Just wanted to point out… Some of the info already exists on the page, but it’s just not displayed. So, Ethan wrote a script to display that info immediately while the backend is trying to load the rest. Here’s the link to the script thread:

[Script] Quick Info


Thanks for the love rfindley, but I think kobayashi did a better job at taking my idea and polishing it up. [UserScript] WaniKani Quick Info

Ahh, thanks for the nudge. I remember using your script when it first came out, but stopped using it after I changed how I studied wrong answers. I think kobayashi’s must have come after that.

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The great rfindley used my script. :blush:

lol… I’m just some guy that happens to love programming.
But I guess I know what you mean. I’m glad when people find my scripts useful. :slight_smile:

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One of these days I’m going to have to learn Web programming. I’m a programmer, but have very little understanding of Web pages and JavaScript and CSS and am in awe of what you guys accomplish :slight_smile:

That’s probably because you rarely get anything incorrect. :stuck_out_tongue::joy:

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