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Yea this part is definitely working. But that only spreads them by a day and then they sort of, merge back together. I do suppose one other thing I could do is move listening cards to another deck.

Another possible thought I had is when they hit the 7d review, to select something else and push them into the normal Anki algorithm, with a different time, so then eventually I can push them back into it and the times will spread out.


I just came across this add-on that I thought you might be interested in as well. It reduces the number of buttons down to two. I have been looking for something like this for a while to help avoid confusion.

[Yes/No Buttons]

That does look interesting. I assume it will work with what’s already set up?

I did some aesthetic adjustments, but otherwise have been using it for two days with no issues. You can still see when it moves out of the New Card pile because it will say 5 days as the next interval. Then I use the same process as before.

Here is a sample.

@Syphus - I’m curious on how you have moved forward with your grammar practice? Did the option I offered work out or did you stick with the cloze deletions. If you went with the cloze deletions how did you end up setting it up and using it?

Chiming in on the algorithm discussion, as the bury-not feature bothered me too.
I tweaked around the settings of Wanki2.6 and now have a learning intervals of 4h, 8h, 24h, 3d and then 7d after graduation.
With an starting ease of 200% this (on “good” answers) always doubles the interval, so after the 7d’s it would go
14d, 28d, 56d (~2 months), 112d (~ 3.7 months) etc., which I find aligns close enough to the WK times and my personal preference.
By having the cards actually in the review state (and not in the relearning) all the burying and other Anki features which I like (like adjusting the interval, if one answers way later) are working.
(And unfortunately also the ones I do not like, like little randomization of the times, and therefore not always a perfect double time increase).
My lapses intervals are 1m, 3d, 7d, 14d, after which the cards are getting back into review pile with a 20% decreased interval (and unfortunately a decreased ease…that’s just how Anki works).

Basically I just haven’t gotten anywhere on the Anki front. I’ve just been listening to NHK radio every morning which more frequently has a lot of these grammars. But I’m still eventually going to do this

I have recently been reading up on how Ease works in Anki and considered moving to what you are doing. My hang up is the Lapses function. I really like how WK uses the Leitner system by moving a card back two intervals when I get a wrong answer and would like to incorporate it into my Anki decks. Unfortunately, I think this would require a complete redesign of the app and I don’t know anything about Python.

Their is an addon out there that allows more control of the Ease upon exiting the Lapses pile, but I haven’t attempted to use it yet.

Here is a blog post explaining it if you would like to take a look.

[Anki Auto-Adjust New Interval After a Lapse]

I started messing around with the template again and was able to rig the blank line with a hover over hint that I had mentioned earlier.

Here’s what it would look like and a link to the updated version if you want to try it out.

[Syphus Grammar]

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Oh that actually does seem pretty nice, I suppose I could put whatever in there

Yes, it’s pretty flexible overall. My idea was to keep the blank underline uniform so it doesn’t give any hints based on size. A three character length seems to work well. Then bracket whatever your hint is from there. I did notice that the text needs to be bold in order for this application to work properly, so keep that in mind.

Sorry for not responding and thanks for the link.
I will try to look into it, the Leitner approach is the one I like more too. Dunno how customizable Anki is trough scripts though, never looked into it.

…It won’t be any time soon though, sorry. I try to find some time next month to research Anki-Addons.

I’m thinking of incorporating pictures into my template now that I know a bit more about how to manipulate them.

Here is what I have come up with today.

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I have made some recent updates to the back of my cards that I think a fresh template upload may be warranted. Here is what it looks like now.

I pulled a couple paragraphs from Imabi just to show what the Notes would look like with some text.


I am aware that this thread has not been updated in a long time, I’m sorry.

@hinekidori if I wanted to used Syphus Grammar template you made (it’s amazing!), as a total computer noob, is there a way I can import the data from excel to use it with that template?
Like… how should I arrange the columns?

Thank you!

I thought this thread was going to have an Anki theme song that somebody wrote :no_mouth:

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