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I added some stuff in Web Design and Resources btw

A couple of scripts I have been holding onto and such.

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@konekush Oh, thanks for the explanations. It’s great to find out about what each line does to the actual card.

I can clearly see it happening, me completely transforming my cards with all the neat tricks some of you will share.
Like that input box, that I can see me finding it a spot in my card layout already :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I did a tutorial for placing the input box. You should check it out!

Thanks, I had missed that one.

I watched it already, probably will make use of it soon enough :+1::+1:

Would love to see what kind of template some other heavy Anki users are into :thinking:

I put this in another thread but it might as well go here as well.

My niece needed a deck for her American Literature class so this is what I came up with for the format. New for me was using tiled overlays for the background colors to provide texture.

You can see that the texture can be used in the input window as well, which I think works well.


Just passing by to say thanks to everyone who has contributed, you’re making my anki look so much cooler!, I’m basically just copying all the templates since I don’t understand how anything works yet (Don’t want to waste my time learning stuff about anki).

Thanks for the furigana on hover! it’s really useful and since it’s hidden my eyes are not immediately drawn to it which is what I hate about furigana, I’m already using it on all my decks that have furigana!

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@hinekidori I’ve noticed in the deck, there’s a few hundred (maybe) cards that don’t have any a frequency filled in. It’s enough that I don’t want to just manually do it. They vary in usefulness of course, one is 聞き取り another is OL. Do you know any way to insert those in the deck somewhere?

I won’t lie, it would be some work. The content, as you know, is not mine originally, so I don’t know what common usage list they were using when it was originally created. My speculation is that the cards that do not have the frequency included are the additional 4k that was added to the original iKnow 6k.

If you wanted to move forward with updating these cards we would first need to decide what frequency list we would be breaking it down by. Then create a spreadsheet to build it all and convert it into a CSV document before importing the updated cards back into the deck.

I’m not sure this is worth the effort, but if you want to move forward with it I will help out where I can. I have done similar things such as tagging all the WK vocabulary once another forum member created the list.

Yea given the words they are that is probably the case. I checked and it is 250 cards, so that includes the sentences that I’m not using anyway.

I’m thinking the simplest way may be to just put these in their own deck and then do them all, merge them into the main deck. Some of them also seem to be things like adverbial forms of adjectives. So I’m not super worried about them.

It’s Chinese, but oh well…

Great color choice! What are you using?

Added some resources provided by @Fugdkn on how to create cards using dictionaries. Think of it as an Anki version of HouHou I suppose, though there is some manual handling that needs to be done it seems.

I can’t see at a glance what you’ve changed in your Wanakata (I assume you just upcase the input) - but in the latest update I’ve released you can specify the conversion method at bind time:

wanakana.bind(HTMLElement, { IMEMode: 'toKatakana' })

I reversed the hiragana and katakana placements in the code. So now the default is katakana and it will type hiragana if you use the Caps Lock.

Thank you for the update. I’m sure it’s much cleaner than what I came up with. I just hacked at it until I got what I wanted. No coding experience here. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Haha, that’s a novel solution :caught_durtling:

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You have to think outside the box when you don’t know what you are doing! :laughing:

I am using Anki mainly on my phone and wanted it to look a little less boring so I modified a theme i found online for the core 6k



@hinekidori The “Bury related cards” should work for reviews as well as new cards right? Cause if that’s the case the deck doesn’t seem to work, I’m getting listening, recognition and production all at roughly the same time.

Had to think about it for a minute. Because of the way I bypass the Anki algorithm so I can use the intervals I would prefer, the cards are never really in the Review pile, so this would mean that they are not effected by the bury related cards option for reviews. You would instead see cards that the app still considers you to be learning. There is a bury feature that should be applicable for these as well under the New Cards tab in Options. But it would only apply in so far as when they were introduced on a specific day.

I personally deal with this by purposely getting a card incorrect if I have seen it too soon after a sibling card to separate the distance between the two when studying.

That’s where we stand with that I think. My work around the Anki SRS is not a perfect solution, so we either have to use it as is or deal with some other inconvenience when using the bypass. I keep hoping that someone with better coding capabilities will be able to hack the app and adjust the intervals for us instead.

I don’t really go to much effort but this is how mine looks

The image is just a basic animated gif I found online. Had a whole bunch on some site, all with the exact same dimensions and note taking area’s. So it is just a couple of div’s placed over the right area and that’s about it. I change the image based on the type of question.

Edit: Also don’t point out the typo’s on the image. I write everything far too quickly.