Anime for increasing reading speed?

So, I have realized I am at a point now that I need to increase my reading speed. I guess I am worse than a second grader :rofl:

I have found a website with anime and japanese subtitles and have been trying to find one like forever, and it is available there flying witch, which is the manga it is always recommend to start reading, besides yotsubato.

I will watch one episode per day but what else with not complex dialogue anime can be recommended?

I wish I could find chibi maruko chan, since I also I like old anime/ daily situations. Not into fantasy like hundreds of anime nowadays.

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I quite liked How Heavy Are The Dumbbells You Lift?, but I’m not sure about ‘not complex’. I didn’t feel like the way they talked was hard to follow, but there are muscle names in there. That’s a bit technical.


This might be dumbing it down too much, but Chi’s Sweet Home is another one of the beginner series. IIRC, the episodes were super short as well.

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Meitantei Conan.

Some of the vocab repeats in different episodes. (for obvious reasons haha)
I can’t really remember how hard the language is.

Edit: now I feel like watching some of the episodes again. Some of the episodes (non-filler episodes that is) were genuinely good. I’ve spent a fun time puzzling who did it in some cases.

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