Animated Radicals / Kanji Concept

I wish I was an animator, sketch artist (like those pencil art flip-books), calligrapher, or generally creative person.

The concept is this: a silent video series illustrating radicals forming kanji that meet together to form words. The stories can be as ambitious as:

  • New life forming, babies growing up and becoming adults who find friends and spouses and find new meanings in life;
  • Angels bestowing blessings and wisdom on followers of a faith who congregate to pray (emphasis on miracles and meaning);
  • Voracious flying creatures that become what they eat and fly back to their nests to regurgitate their prey to their young (wild interpretations and unexpected meanings);
  • Dramatic action with character introduction montages and epic battles from senior kanji, eventually retiring to instruct their youth in training and sparring courses.

Some of these can be inverted, and tell a story in reverse. These aren’t meant to meticulously teach every single meaning and reading of the kanji, but there can be a bit more emphasis on the words and appropriately dramatic vocalizations of each word… as a kind of conclusive climax to each episode.
Perhaps I only imagine this to be a kind of fun meaning reinforcement and also a diversion from the mere grind of study.

The reason I think this is viable, and I should kick my butt into gear, plan it out and put it into action, is very simple.

Whether it’s Hiragana (ooh Americanized Katakana ideas-- or other cultures), Radicals, Kanji, or at that point full sentences… it’s all simply lines.

I feel like calligraphy and cursive kanji is just completely out of my reach, but… with the new age of technology and other luxuries, I know I can do this. I have a ton of free time. At worst it’s a fun thought, and I’d like to at least try. I could put all my best ideas into a single episode as an epic project.

I know simply thinking “animating lines can’t be that complicated” is probably very naive.
But I have faith that I’ll face whatever challenges and obstacles with courage :smiley:

Felt cute might delete later :wink: :joy:


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