Angry Dialect?

In general I can get the gist of most dialogue in anime, but I am totally STUMPED by what I call “angry dialect”. It’s this loud, shout-y, rage filled slur of sound that I cannot even begin to pick apart. Characters like Bakugo here, or yakuza types use it a lot; they might start off like a normal sentence and then it just sounds like someone put a bear in a blender at the end.

Anyone have any resources/tips to help me learn what is ACTUALLY going on linguistically in those moments? I’m so curious!


not always possible i know, but use japanese subtitles where you can…
it helps you associate what they’re saying with the words…
i have the same problem with anime/drama, where they go off and i don’t really understand…

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That’s a fun visual.


That cracked me up

Check out this website.

It plays you clips from Japanese TV and you have to listen to the clip and then you’ll be quizzed to transcribe a part of it. It’s real “out in the wild” native speech. It’s a step up in speed from anki sentences or genki audio so I think it’s the next piece to your puzzle. It starts off really easy and gets progressively harder. It’s definitely sharpened my ears since I started using it. It’s a bit intense so I only do about 15m-half hour daily.


Post an example clip and I’ll break it down for you.


Not sure how long that clip will stay up; never used this service before.

@idiomargot That sounds like a great resource for future reference! Does it actually show you the correct transcription though?

I’ve been trying to post this link earlier while I was on my phone but Discourse just made an embed image out of it, sorry.

I’m not sure if this is what you mean by “angry dialect”, but here’s the link. It’s a tumblr post deciphering informal speech.


As far as I can tell all the transcriptions are correct. What I listen to and what’s written seem to sync up. Sometimes it’s hard to know because words get “eaten” in that way natives usually speak their own language.

@raegefilth duuuuude thank you!!! This is EXACTLY what I needed!

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Welcome! :slight_smile:

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