[Android] WaniDoku - Android app to get you to read some context sentences

correct . you need to have at least passed some vocab (simplified you need to reach level 2).

but it still shouldnt crash, so I’m still gonna fix that. and probably add some message if you don’t have any passed items

Just pushed v1.0.6 which fixes this issue for level 1 users. No it will display a message saying that you don’t have any vocabulary to ask about.

Found this app whilst randomly browsing F-Droid.
I already felt a bit guilty for not utilizing the example sentences more to get some extra reading practise. I shall redeem myself a bit with this app^^’
Works as advertised, no bugs encountered.
This is great, many thanks!

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This is a fantastic idea! Thanks for doing this, I’ll be grabbing it and giving it a go shortly now that I’m getting back into study after some time away. This will be great for refreshing things as I go.

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I grabbed this also randomly on F-Droid, and have been using it for a couple weeks. Incredibly useful so far, thanks!

good to hear people using f-droid

This is a very cool idea :smiley: Thanks for creating this app!

Do you accept donations?

Also, is it checking that you know all the kanji in the example sentence, or is it just pulling an example sentence from a particular burned item?

i can if you are really committed to it but generally no :slight_smile:

Wanikani doesn’t expose information about all the kanji on the sentence so that can’t easily be done. it just fetches a sentence at random from a burned vocab item.

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