[Android] WaniDoku - Android app to get you to read some context sentences

WaniDoku is now available on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nononsenseapps.wanidoku

and also on F-Droid: WaniDoku | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

source code is provided under GNU GPLv3 license: Space Cowboy / WaniDoku · GitLab

What is WaniDoku?

Ever worry that you are forgetting all your burned kanji and vocabulary? Do you find yourself not reading as much Japanese as you’d like?

This app will display a notification containing a context sentence from one of your burned (or passed) vocabulary. You read it then you press translate to see if you were right. Right or wrong, the app will display another notification with a random sentence at a configurable interval.

  • Note that timing of notifications are not exact due to battery saving reasons in Android.
  • Also note that if you manually load more notifications, it takes a few second because it needs to fetch the sentence from WaniKani each time you press the button.

The idea is that you pick up your phone and just “find” a sentence waiting for you. Not that you actively sit and read a bunch of sentences - though you absolutely can do that too.

It’s a quite simple app intended to do a very simple task. Some screenshots to illustrate better:


Thanks for this, I’ll have to return to it sometime in the future when I actually have burned items. I want to believe I will at least.

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you can select passed items as well so it will work for you just fine right now actually.

(passed is same as when you level up)

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I installed it, thanks!

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Cool app!
It would be helpful to have a way to copy the text so I can paste it in some tools to understand the parts I failed to understand

that’s a good idea. easy to add too

Would be fun to check out but don’t have an android…are there any emulators you would suggest?

Android Studio I suppose: Download Android Studio & App Tools - Android Developers

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Can I make a small suggestion, without knowing at all how hard or easy this would be to implement? Could you also include the reading in the Answer field?

Would be easy to do. Biggest question bus how to format the text in the notification nicely tbh.

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Added readings to the notifications in latest version (1.0.4)


Great idea!

This is one of the most needed areas to improve the WK learning experience. This is coming at a perfect time for me, especially as I’ve been longing for better context sentences.

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You know they’re the same ones provided by WK, right?

I do agree that this is a great use of the context sentences. I hardly look at them during lessons, and how many people actually go back to item pages to look up old context sentences? This way they get a bit more use, for all the effort that’s gone into writing them.

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Thanks! I’ve set it to only test me on burned items, and every once in awhile there is that little seed of doubt, about rendaku and the like. I find it’s a nice addition to my day!

haha, oh, dear. at least, they may be more worth the time after the items are burned.

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that’s what I felt.

if I find another source of sentences then that could be added as a choice


Thanks for the app. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work for me, after entering my API key (it greets me my user name after entering it so I assume it’s valid) I get Failed to sync with WaniKani. Check your api key: Non-null value 'dataUpdatedAt' (JSON name 'data_updated_at') was null at $.data_updated_at when clicking on Test notification. I guess the You need to be a WaniKani subscriber to use this app. also applies when you’re still level 1?

I use your app. It’s such a simple concept and yet so effective for me, as it really makes me read a bit of Japanese every day. Thank you for creating it!


not at all! you just found a bug is all :slight_smile: probably related to your low level that makes wanikani return a slightly different response than what I’ve seen .

I’ll have a look and fix it .

Huh, seems like it magically fixed itself (I get sentences now), I think that might be because I finished level 1 yesterday (so maybe it doesn’t work with level 0?).

Thanks for the app!