[Android] Smouldering Durtles (v1.1.1) - native app with offline lessons and reviews, plus themes and script-like features!

Dear Senpai-tachis,

I have a noob question. At 11pm, I have 16 items in blue. Does it mean if I get it right on reviews these will be added on my Apprentice count? Or does it mean 16 are already in Apprentice and going to Guru if I get them right?

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I get to answer my own question after completing them. Was added to the Guru count!

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It depends on which apprentice level the items are on. There are four. If the items are already on apprentice 4, they will go to Guru afterwards. If they are still lower, they will stay in apprentice, but move one apprentice level higher.
But in the graph they are always displayed with the level they are currently on (before you do those reviews).


Ok, I got you. That was helpful. How about the numbers with green highlights which are above the graph 1 2 4 11 :pray:. What do they represent?


This shows how many items are in this review pile that would let you level up (eventually). This means apprentice (level 1-4) radical and kanji of the current level. Because when you guru all of those, you will get a level up.
So for example in the first pile 1 of the 16 items will get you nearer to the level up. So presumably 1 is a kanji and 15 are vocabulary (or a kanji of a previous level)

Btw. for kanji you don’t need to guru them all though, only a certain percentage - you can see that in the level progression chart on the kanji bar. You only have to guru them to fill it up to the black line on the right hand side of the bar for a level up.


I was wondering if there was a way to see the amount of lessons that I did today? It would be a good motivation for me to hit 20 lessons a day.

Hello! I just discovered this amazing app, thanks so much to the various developers who built this app and keep it up and running :slightly_smiling_face:
I was wondering if I’m the only one who would be interested in having the Leaderboard feature implemented…?
Thanks a lot and keep up the good work :smiley:

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Not possible from the app as far as I know, but you can see it if you install the userscript Wanikani Heatmap, then it will be on your Dashboard (the default view is Reviews but you can switch to Lessons, Reviews is a bit broken and only show reviews that you did on the same devide, so nothing for you if you do in the app, but the lessons are shown anyway):