Android-friendly handwriting practice app like Skritter-Chinese that lets you add your own words?

I’m looking for an app like Skritter-Chinese that lets you add your own words and practice handwriting them using an SRS engine. The key feature I need is the ability to add my own kanji, so I can add words as I encounter them.

Not sure where to look so I thought I’d ask y’all.

[EDIT]: < waw, did you try ‘play store’?
oh, you mean the place where you type something in and then get 1000 results starting with crappy app 1, crappy app 2, crappy app 3?

It’s actually easier asking experienced people here.


Skritter has a Japanese version.

Yes but it isn’t like the Chinese version. I like the Chinese version much better, actually.

And you can’t add to content or manage the lists like you can with the Chinese version. Plus I’m already paying $15 a month for the Chinese version.~~~~~~ ;X

Have you tried Kanji Study? I really like the tools of this app, particularly the handwriting training mode.

I have that installed, but can you tell me, is it possible to just add a Kanji and have it search for the definition? Does it accept a csv or spreadsheet with your own vocabulary? Is it something available in the app by default?

Yes, you can add Kanji and search for their definition. I’ve never tried to add a spreadshit of vocabulary, but it’s possible to make vocabulary lists from the dictionary (they have a search engine similar to Jisho).

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Oh! Maybe it will work, then. I appreciate your help @gabrielzaccaria.

Looks like I’ll be spending $15 and sacrificing a few meals…~

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You can import CSVs, yes. This may come in handy: How to add Wanikani data to Japanese Kanji Study (Android App) - #11 by jpbjp


That’s exactly what I needed. Thank you, @orphen

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