[Android] Flaming Durtles - Android app with offline support

Maybe a stupid question… :sweat_smile:
I downloaded the app yesterday, and everything works pretty well so far, but the only thing I cannot get to work out is how to download audio files.
I went to “Download audio” part, and pressed “Download”, and now it is showing this screen with no change from yesterday:

Currently I cannot hear any audio in both lessons and reviews, I don’t know if I did something wrong or didn’t do some of the necessary steps, so if maybe somebody knows the solution or the reason it is not working, I would greatly appreciate the help :blush:

DId you actually hit abort and try again yet? Try with both wi-fi and cellular internet. Also try downloading the level batches individually. If nothing works, might give a reset of the app database a try although since you just started using the app, it probably wont help.
Also check the API and audio settings if the Audio files location is actually valid.

Can’t think of anything else…
If nothing works then your Android might be too new if you have a brand new device (I think there was a problem with that in the past) or something with the API changed after all that broke it.

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I came across this bug.

Happy Birthday :birthday: in vertical writing.

It’s a weird resolution and spacing issue. The word is still technically horizontal, it just has a line break after each letter cuz it ran out of space. Normally it would show the Used in words below eachother, but seems like from a certain resolution upwards it switches to what you see. When I turn my phone sideways I get that too.

In any case, you’ll have to get used to it. It most likely wont see a fix anytime soon if at all.

Changing Audio files location in settings worked, thank you so much for the suggestion! :grin:

I’ll go slowly and download batch by batch, but so far everything is going smoothly :muscle:


FYI I’ve been using the app since level 1 and I think I didn’t download the files manually and it does it itself when I reach a new level (11, 21…) so I always have audio in my lessons and reviews
So maybe you don’t need to download everything now. But I guess then the downside is that if I check a word of a level I haven’t unlocked yet, there’s no audio for it, if you care about that it makes sense to download it all :slight_smile:


Thank you for the reply!

Unfortunately I somehow completely missed that this app exists, just found out about it since people started sharing it after new wanikani update. If I had known about it, I would probably also be using it from the beginning :sweat_smile:

I am still figuring out how it works and tweaking it a bit, so every bit of information is very welcome :blush:


Enjoy :slight_smile: you can reorder the items by level or by type and do a lot of different things with the dashboard.
I also like the “Show stroke order diagram” setting in “Subject info settings” and in “Font settings”, “Font selection”, I enabled all the fonts, so it picks one at random. It helps me not to rely on one single way to see it written

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Sounds amazing, thank you :grin:
It’s great to have these options that can be customized, and are really helpful for the better study flow :ok_hand:

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Out of curiosity, is this app abandoned? It was last updated in April 2022, and EJ doesn’t seem to respond to this thread anymore. It’s not a big deal at the moment since the application still works, but after yesterday’s events it might be good to know its development status should it break sometime in the future.

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Yeah it’s more or less unmaintained. The dev did show up last year after a long hiatus to push out a small update but that was it. FWIW I don’t think it’s gonna break any time soon. It seems WK is focusing on other stuff now since they just sunset the v1 api and fully switched over to v2.

The app is open source and on github though.


Oh I had no idea that it was open source! That’s amazing. Can you link the github? I can’t seem to find it.

I’d love to help maintain it but unfortunately I’m not an Android dev and if I start to go down this rabbit hole I don’t know when I’ll get out… Fixing the keyboard hints seems like a good place to start though.

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Oh with a name like that I could’ve searched for a long time!

Thank you very much.

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since the wk update I have been using flaming durtles for all my review because the anki mode

only now I realized that it limits to 100 itens per review session? For example the main page shows I have 145 items but when I start the review it shows 0/100

when I finish this batch and go back to the main screen, then it shows the remaining 45 and then I start the review session again. Was it always like this?

There’s a setting under Settings → Lesson/Review settings → max. # of reviews per session. II don’t know whether there’s a hard limit at 100 or something though, since I’ve always set this to 20.


Guys, I recently upgraded my cell phone for a galaxy S23, and the Flaming Durtles app doesn’t work anymore. It’s stuck in a loop at the enter V2 API token screen, and just keeps refreshing the same screen, no matter how many times I input the token, or what I press. I tried uninstalling and installing again, with no luck. Has anyone had such an issue?
It’s sort of annoying, because I think this is the last wanikani app for android remaining

It’s not the only android app, although it is by far the best one IMHO. The other popular app at the moment seems to be this one, but I admit I haven’t tried it so idk how well it compares to FD, but feel free to give it a try:

When I open it on the play store it says it doesn’t work on my version of Android, so maybe it just doesn’t work anymore on newer phones.

I ended up just using Firefox with add-ons to do my reviews, it works pretty well, with the only downside being it requires an internet connection


It’s still working on my middle-aged Samsung tablet (currently on Android version 7.0).

I started using Flaming Durtles because I needed to be able to do reviews offline, without an Internet connection.

It was only later that I began to appreciate its additional features. Years ago, @ejplugge built in popular functions like undo, dark mode, re-ordering, self-study, etc., for which WaniKani users had to install userscripts.

Flaming Durtles even lets you set the number of items in lessons or reviews all the way down to 1. Why would anyone want to do that? Well, I need to do that. It’s the trick I use to keep making tiny progress every day, no matter what, when life happens. (In native WaniKani the lowest number allowed is 3, unless you use something like @seanblue’s Lesson Filter script.)

Flaming Durtles is so well designed that it kept running even when the developer took a break. Thank you, @ejplugge, for creating this amazing app. I know you can’t spend your entire life maintaining it. Your work is very much appreciated.