[Android] Flaming Durtles - Android app with offline support

Hey y’all! Installed the app today and I’m already obsessed (because BLACK THEME!!! FINALLY!!)

I just have a small issue with the colors in the level progression table. The purple and pink combo in the light theme looks good, but I really really don’t like the colors in the black theme (attached picture for reference). Is there any way I can customize it?

(I’m sorry if someone has already asked this question. I did spend around 1 hour searching for an answer, but couldn’t find any :frowning:)

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Settings > Display Settings > Theme customization > Level progression subsections should be the one you’re looking for

Interestingly you have different colors than me. I guess the defaults were changed at some point after I’ve already been using the app.


Thank you for the reply!! I did play around with the theme customization settings but the colors do not change no matter what I choose. Pretty sure I might be doing something wrong ://

Oh also, I have the same colors as the picture you’ve attached for the dark Breeze theme, but not for the black one.

Indeed it was. Thanks

Hmm, odd. I just played around with the color and it does work for me.


AAHH omg figured it out!!! Thank you so much (turns out I just needed to see a tutorial pic/vid of it, my brain can be so uncooperative sometimes :sob:)


Hey! Language tips got broken for me to a couple days ago. I’ve fixed it by downgrading Gboard from 12.6 arm64 to 12.2 using APKPure app. Find Gboard there, click on “version history” or something like this, and choose the appropriate version for your device. You can see yours by clicking three dots → “about” in the Gboard menu.


I use the Flaming Durtles self study feature for extra study of leeches. Does anyone know what formula is used as a leech definition. What specific criteria marks an item as a leech and what removes it from the leech list ?

Is it possible to more intuitively indicate whether the review asks for the reading or the meaning of the kanji / the vocabulary word?

In both the light and dark themes, the Meaning and Reading quizzes differ only by the inverted black and white bar (as shown in the screenshot below) and the grey text in the answer box. This is easily overlooked, IMO, because black and white are the colors of background and buttons. I very often start to type the wrong answer and only realize my mistake midway once Latin or Japanese characters start to appear in the answer box. It would be already a big help if there was an option to set individual colors for this indicator bar in the settings for theme customization.


Not what you’re asking for, but I’m a big fan of the “Reading/meaning back to back” setting in the “Review advanced settings”, that was I always start with the reading and then always have the meaning (which I do in Anki mode)

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Yes, I’ve seen it. I’m wondering, though, if back to back makes for worse memorization than having it more randomized. Seeing how far you’ve already progressed, do you have an opinion about that?

When I didn’t have that activated and would see a kanji, I would anyway automatically try to remember both the reading and the meaning, then have to figure out from the UI which one to write down, then repeat when the same kanji shows up again later. So it was more efficient to group them. Plus that way I can wrap a session easily (stop after 10 items instead of completing 100). So definitely works better for me :slight_smile:
The memorization from WK is also only a first step, it gets first reinforced and cemented for good when I encounter the kanji in real sentences (Bunpro, Genki or satori reader, I’m not yet reading other native content as those I just named keep me pretty busy, I find them engaging and I learn a lot)

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I tried looking in the thread about this and didn’t see anything, but is there a setting that I just can’t find that lets you get a shake and retry when typing the kanji reading in for a single kanji vocab? When I type the kun’yomi on a kanji that expects the on’yomi, it will shake and let me retry, but if the vocab reading is kun’yomi and I type the on’yomi, it just fails me. Specifically, I just tested with the vocab word 牛. On Durtles it marks it incorrect if I put ぎゅう, but on WK it gives me a toast and lets me retry. When I searched this thread it looked like in 2019 people were saying the app had the correct behavior similar to WK, but I feel like I’ve scoured the settings so many times and I can’t find it.

There is, it’s in “Other advanced settings” (you have to “Enable advanced settings” first). Then I believe that “Soft-reject on single-kanji vocabulary” is what you want.


Thanks. The app is pretty cool, and perhaps has most things I want to tweak. (Anki mode for meaning; custom external dictionaries; session log)

For a feature request, that would be a scratchpad, i.e. whiteboard for finger/pen writing. I might write something temporarily, even if it is Anki mode; and AnkiDroid has this feature also.

Another thing that I don’t think can be tweaked, is showing context sentences on Vocabulary Meaning answered. nvm, disabled Lightning Mode and tweaked Subject Info settings.

Absolutely not. I’ve been using back to back meaning reading with reading before meaning since level 10 or something. If you fail a card in actual Anki then you’re technically failing both the meaning/reading, and as far as I’m concerned this is an equivalent system. I strongly encourage Anki mode with this set up.

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Hello! This screen, is it possible to get it to display on a correct answer as well? Instead of just incorrect ones.

Probably the “Show info dump after a correct meaning/reading answer” toggle in settings > Subject Info Settings

@ejplugge Will Flaming Turtles be affected by these changes to WaniKani?

Thanks! I’ll try that out.

I did that, and it still doesn’t work.
Guess it is just not meant to be.