[Android] Flaming Durtles - Android app with offline support

Yes they represent the number of current level item in the review pile

Useful to know when to connect and do your review of you want to go full speed since those are the item necessary to level up


That’s the number of items that will impact leveling up.

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hello all,

in “close enough” mode, i was shown 折る and i typed “to pray” (wrong answer). It was accepted as close enough to “to break”.
The app asks for visual inspection, but the smartphone keyboard being so bad I tend to presume it was a typo, and skip the inspection entirely.

Could the close enough checker a bit more strict, please ? Worst case, I can “undo” if it is too strict occasionly.

regards, peace

afaik the close enough words are on WK team’s hand, not the app.

It’s actually implemented on the client side, but afaik the app uses the same algorithm as WK (but obviously some differences might appear since they’re implemented separately). If the WK added “to pray” to the block list that would definitely fix that particular case.

That was what I meant, but it wasn’t clear indeed, thank you. :slight_smile: