[Android] Flaming Durtles - Android app with offline support

@ejplugge woohoo, dev’s in the house again! I was a bit afraid we lost you, I’m so happy to see this is not the case and I hope all is well with you.

I have 2 feature requests that I am thinking of every day. Please consider to add these, you’ll make me so happy.

  1. Prioritize synonyms. I have added my own synonyms in my native language. I would like my first synonym to show as the primary meaning, and then the rest of my synonyms, and only then the WaniKani words for each meaning.

  2. The ability to hide WaniKani mnemonics. Honestly, most of them make no sense and they’re a big distraction for me. So in response to this:

If you hide all mnemonics and hints that come from WK’s own database, you’re left with no helper text at all for those subjects without custom notes.

Sometimes I have added my own mnemonics so I’d like to see only those. Outside of WK my primary tool for memorization is the (non-free) Kanji Outlier Dictionary from another app. So I am okay without the helper text in all cases.

Thanks for your continued support of the app. Do you accept donations?

If I turn on back to back meaning and reading reviews with Anki mode, getting a wrong answer doesn’t send it back to the queue, it just keeps showing it again and again. Skip and put back into queue doesn’t fix it either. The only way to fix it is to abandon the session, otherwise I’m not really learning from my mistakes.

Any idea why this is happening? It fixed itself after a few days and now it’s happening again. I basically can’t do any time sensitive reviews on the go right now because it won’t sync on mobile data.

Have you given the app the appropriate rights? Since some android version (11???) there are more rights you might have to grant the app. Maybe you are blocking it to run on mobile data? or some other rights that might be required to work in these cases.

With the self study I can do a max of 100 reviews at a time. What I would like is so do a selfstudy of all the Kanji I learned so far, but with the 100 reviews being randomized every time I’m getting the same Kanji multiple times and others not at all.
A simple solution is to only select 2 levels of Kanji for a review session, but is there a more elegant way? I really would like to have an option to increase the max of 100 reviews :slight_smile:

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That exists already. Settings → Lesson/review → “Max. # of self-study items per session”.
Unless you’re looking for a way to have SRS levels for self-study itself? Wanikaniception?

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Oh perfect :smiley: I was looking at the selfstudy settings and didn’t see this option there. Thanks!

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Great app just one thing I wish it had - to play audio automatically when go to the next one.

Reason is because I want to do listening training - I do this with the Self Study Quiz on my computer. But on my phone, I only have the Torii app for a possible work-around to this.

I’d rather do the listening training on your app though.

I have turned on in Audio Settings “Autoplay audio during lesson presentation” but the audio doesn’t play automatically?

been meaning to ask this…not a huge issue but does mildly annoy me

The total burned items doesn’t match (been this way for a few weeks now? can’t remember when it started)…sure it has to do with WK adding/deleting stuff but the app shows 5017 and WK shows 5020…

any known reason/bugs/fixes…etc…
not a huge issue the app works fine but it’s mildly annoying :slight_smile:

To confirm, have you tried Settings > Reset Database?

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yup!!! … I’m suspicious it’s related to some weird thing WK did with adds/deletes … it hasn’t broken anything just annoying…

Don’t know if the app is still updated, but if it is:
Feature request: adding the common word combinations to the words Common Word Combinations for Levels 11-15
Thanks in any case for making it, it definitely covers all my needs as it is!!

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