[Android] Flaming Durtles - Android app with offline support

Happy to see you’re ok! I was worried your health issues got the better of you

I’m not sure I understand what you mean with this? If you hide all mnemonics and hints that come from WK’s own database, you’re left with no helper text at all for those subjects without custom notes.

I tested the core functionality of the app, including managing the API key, on a wide range of Android versions before doing the Android 12 update, and none of the code that handles the key has changed in any way, so I’m not sure what’s happening here.

When you get to the screen asking for your key, you should be able to get into the settings menu still. If you can, can you try putting in your API key again and then (via the settings menu) uploading your debug log? That should at least show why the app isn’t progressing in your case.

Also, what device model and Android version are you using?

It’s a long story and you’re not entirely wrong. But I’m still around. It’ll be irreguar for now since I’m rather busy looking for a new job, but hopefully that will settle soon-ish.


Sorry, I was not clear. I do not want to hide all mnemonics, only the ones I have notes for.

I use nearly all of the WK mnemonics given, but sometimes they give us very long or hard to remember mnemonics that don’t stick well. For example, the reading mnemonic for is:

This cow is special because it belonged to Tokugawa (とく) Ieyasu, the first shōgun of the Tokugawa shogunate and uniter of Japan! He’s a super important figure in Japanese history. You should absolutely look him up and read a bit about him (when you’re caught up on these lessons, that is).

Picture a temple dedicated to a single cow. All of the people who come and worship here have a special place in their hearts for the cow.

In the app, this takes up 8 lines! For me, this is annoying to read and learn because it is too long and requires me to additionally learn who Tokugawa Ieyasu is. However, the meaning mnemonic (a special cow temple) is short and sweet, easy to remember, and creates strong imagery. So, my reading note is:

The cow temple is so special that it’s the TALK (とく) of the town

This takes up 1 line in the app, but it is overshadowed by their 8-line mnemonic, so I wish I could hide it.

Yeah i’m not sure what’s going on. I’m using an OPPO Reno5 A android version 11 (security update March 5 2022). If you give me a contact email i’ve made a screen recording of the issue.

My email address is rmc@dds.nl . Could you also double check that the key you are putting in has all of the required permissions set? (The permissions listed on that screen you’re stuck on.)

I have tested two Android 11 devices and cannot reproduce the problem on either, although I don’t have any OPPO devices (OPPO sometimes adds weird customizations to their Android builds). It probably has something to do with the fact that the API key is stored in encrypted form, although the encryption method hasn’t changed at all in the Android 12 update. I’ll dig into it to find out what’s going on.

I did already notice that it’s not possible to get into the settings from that welcome screen, I’ll also fix that so you can get to that menu as well.

Due to another issue with the phone I was forced to power cycle it and that cured the issue. Why I didn’t try that first is because I am in fact a moron.

I’ll email you the video either way so you can see the issue in case it comes up in the future.

Thanks for helping, much appreciated.

Don’t beat yourself up over it. Nobody should have to power cycle their phone just to resolve a random app issue. If you have to do that, it’s a failure of either your phone or the app, not you.

Since this was an isolated case and the code in question has been stable and untouched for a long time, I am inclined to blame the phone rather than the app, but certainly not you :slight_smile:

Either way, glad your issue has been resolved.


Currently it seems the amount of reviews reported for flaming durtles is lower than on wanikani. A few days ago there was an update that took the moved items you’ve unlocked already and made them reviewable even after moving. Could this be an issue?

Yep, that’ll be an issue. I hadn’t noticed this change yet, thanks for mentioning it. Because FD needs to be able to work offline, it has its own logic to determine what lessons and reviews to offer. This logic should be the same for the site and the app, but at the moment they are out of sync.

It shouldn’t break anything, but those “over-leveled” items will never be included in lessons and reviews by FD. I’ll update the logic in the app to match the site.


Higher Level Items in Review Queue here’s the announcement, if you’re curious

I’m glad to see you around again.
Thanks so much for this app. It’s pleasant to use and keeps me coming back to wanikani thanks to the notifications.

First, like many have commented, this is a wonderful app. It is my go-to for WK study!

I have experienced one issue: Are the accepted meanings and reading sometimes different from WK?

For example, I was presented with the following three vocabulary: 足、広げる、一文字

In the case of 足 I answered “legs” and FD marked that as incorrect.

In the case of 広げる I answered “to widen” and FD marked that as incorrect.

In the case of 一文字 I answered “ひともじ” for the reading “one character” as the meaning; FD marked that as incorrect.

I contacted WK support and to paraphrase, they responded (suggesting the issue lay with FD) as follows:

"For 広げる, I [Support Member] am getting ‘to widen’ as correct, with a ‘your answer was a little off’. I received the same response for ‘legs’ when inputting for 足. warning. When you type in ひともじ for 一文字 you should receive a grey shake and this message ‘That’s possible, but it’s not the reading/meaning pair you learned for this word.’ "

So my question is does FD suppress some of these alternatively accepted answers and additionally not bubble up the warnings?

Thank you in advance

Nice! You have an apk for that?