[Android] Flaming Durtles - Android app with offline support


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Hi !
I have been using this app since I started WK in April and I really love it !

I do have one question though :
I am doing my reviews with Anki mode and I was wondering if there is a setting to show more details on a kanji on the screen after ‘show answer’ but before answering right or wrong ?
Because sometimes the right answer is the kun’yomi reading but I also know the on’yomi and would like to check my answer before noting it right or wrong.

I love this app, but I was wondering if there was any way somehow, when you type the wrong answer in, to hear what it sounds like compared to the correct spelling? I’m constantly dropping the long form of the vowels because I don’t hear it; it plays the correct spelling/sound, but I don’t comprehend how that is different in sound from what I typed. Maybe there’s another app that would let me do that, though.

This Evangelion fan loves the custom font feature!

I absolutely love this app. Thank you so much! I was curious if there is a way to see the review forecast in the app? I missed the undo button for a couple weeks and wasn’t sure if I’m just also missing how to find the forecast. Thank you!

There’s the big timeline graph on the dashboard that’s essentially a forecast.

xD I didn’t see ‘forecast’ anywhere in the settings and since I had set it to two weeks as soon as I opened the app, I assumed it was a past progress chart based on the way it populated and displayed. I just changed it to 36 hours and feel a bit silly. But now…is there a way to see past progress? Am I blind to that too? Thanks. ^^;

Just wanted to comment saying Thank you for creating this app, has really helped me be way more efficient with my reviews!

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There’s not. But there’re several other third party sites and scripts that should be able to.

Hey @ejplugge, not sure if this is the right place to put this, but lately when using the app for reviews, the text field loses focus after each item. I’m on Android. Not sure when this started, or there’s any way to fix this, but let me know if you need any more info from me or if this is a straightforward solve (did I miss something in the settings?..) Thanks!

I like this app so much

I wish there was a way to display in vertical mode the reviews, I am kinda used to it when doing in pc web browser using the script.

I don’t have the issue, maybe try to reset the db and/or the settings.

I’m loving the app, the one thing I’m missing is the “Patterns of Use” section of WK info dump. Is there a setting to enable it? If not, are there plans to include it? Thanks!


Hi, just retrying from zero with this app. Does anyone know what these numbers at top mean? Thanks

A few feature requests:

  1. autoplay both male and female audio in succession
  2. make dashboard kpi settings separate from the chart. I want to see 24 hours at once and be able to scroll a week or two ahead without having to see that I have 1000 reviews in the next 14 days, which means nothing to me. Would be nice to see both todays hourly reviews and the weekly by day in 1 view like in native WK
  3. Native WK colors in dark themes. At least an option to change to it easily if it can’t be the default
  4. ability to hide meanings on search because it basically just helps pre study for non burned items

The number above the review batch represents the current level item count in that particular batch of reviews.

There’s an “alternate between genders” in Audio settings, Voice preference.

You can customize the colors yourself in Display settings, Theme customization.

As for the rest, maybe others know if the relevant options are implemented or not, but I wouldn’t expect any further development on this app if I were you. As it is now, it’s been 1.5 years since the last update, and the author hasn’t replied in this thread for a very long time either.

I have the color codes but you can’t just paste them in, you have to slide the sliders. One setting would make it painless, but it can’t be helped if it’s abandonware

Yes, you can alternate between male/female every other card, but hearing really reinforces readings so it’s better to hear it twice per card. Another Japanese learning tool that I use plays both end to end and it for sure helps me rememer readings as their own words and not just the sum of their kanji components or a character by character memory recall. Heck, it would probably even help to play each file multiple times, I mean the time it takes to say one word is almost nothing compared to how much it helps. It’s also nice to get an idea of the pitch. If you answered 企てる and hear くわだてる twice male and twice female; in less than 5 seconds you’d be much more likely to recall the reading as a native would and with much more accurate pitch. Even now I can recall exactly how the VA reads 企てる because I replayed it a good deal, so I can mimic it to sound better

I actually went ahead and forked the app to add alternate answers toast for myself. Not sure if the original author will merge the change in, but in case you’re curious you can get it from github and build it: Add setting for toast displaying alternate meanings and readings by gergelycsegzi · Pull Request #2 · ejplugge/com.the_tinkering.wk · GitHub


What does the “reverse order” functionality do exactly?