[Android] Flaming Durtles - Android app with offline support

I have the same problem.

Me too, until this time.

I have two Android devices running Flaming Durtles. The last time new vocabulary was added, the new items showed up for lessons and reviews on my newer Android device within a couple of hours after they appeared on my desktop PC. However, on my older Android device, the new items didn’t show up until about 24 hours later. They eventually did show up on both devices without a database reset.

Is there any reason for it to work differently this time?

[Edit: This time the new items showed up on my older Android device after about 14 hours, but my newer Android device continued to ignore them until I reset the database with helpful hints from @Kappa420 and @Pep95. I’m still curious to know why this happens.]

Urk, do I really have to do that? Won’t the new items appear eventually on all my devices if I just wait long enough, as it did last time?

(Goes back to the desktop PC to do my reviews for now.)

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It takes just two minutes I think, it’s just a reset on the app, nothing on wanikani will be reset.

For what it’s worth, I haven’t reseted the app for yesterday’s update (I did for all the previous one).
I got the items as locked a few hours after the update, and this morning I got the lessons.


No idea. Seems to be random. I think I read for some(one) the first batch didn’t appear without a reset. For some it needed a reset after a few successful batches and in my case they all came through, no reset needed.


OK, thanks, I may try that if the new items still haven’t shown up by tomorrow.

What made me hesitate was the following comment:

I can’t even remember all the settings I’ve changed in the app since I first set it up. I’m sure I could eventually restore the settings to their current state, but I’d rather not go through that if I don’t have to.

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You could take screenshots of the settings.

I’m not entirely sure if it deletes the settings as well, but I would assume it does as it says “clear all data in the app” and that’s usually how a reset works. @Pep95 should be able to tell us. :smiley:

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Oh it actually explicitly says that the settings will be kept, it only deletes and updates the table of review and lesson items :wink:



Thanks for this helpful hint. I wouldn’t have known where to look for this feature.

Thanks for clarifying this. I’ve just reset the database.

As you said, it only took a couple of minutes, and the process was entirely painless. (I’m happy to confirm that I didn’t have to enter my API key again, and none of my settings were lost.)



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I love the app and I’ve been using it for a long time. I have a couple of questions/suggestions:

  1. would it be possible to add periodic sync in the background (every 4-6h)?
  2. would it be possible to update the notification to reflect actual number of reviews? Let’s say we had 20 reviews pending, notification says that much. I went through them on the computer. I open the app, it syncs to the server and correctly shows 0 but the notification is not updated. I can of course dismiss the notification but it would be nice to have this tiny thing done automatically (update number of reviews and possibly, it there are no new reviews, remove the notification altogether)