[Android] Flaming Durtles - Android app with offline support

I really like the Flaming Durtles App.

The audio download doesn’t work anymore. Without the audio this really good app is worthless for me.

I hope this can be fixed.

Last activity from @ejplugge dates from 8 of september.
I hope all is well for you.


Oh dear, I hope they’re ok :worried:


I hope so also :worried:

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Yeah, second time now. Hopefully just another long break with a comeback. 26m of activity recently, so they’re still around.
I hope all is well, too

It is working just fine for me. Do you get any errors or something? I suggest a full reset or reinstallation of the app.

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Is there any way to see a list of kanji in the current level but without showing the name and reading of it? I like being able to see what’s left and how long until the next review but without “cheating”.

I don’t know though. I feel like “recent activity” updates even when someone certainly is not active.

Sorry for this probably very n00b question: I tried to look for undo option under advanced settings → other, but i cant seem to find it. I’m prone to making typos on my phone, so just looking for a way to combat my clumsiness.

I believe you should look for the “special button” option

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Thank you, I have it working now!

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My keyboard settings stopped working correctly.

No way to hide the hints when using the kana keyboard without the keyboard being replaced for the English keyboard. Tried all the in app keyboard settings and combinations.

Samsung galaxy S10, G-board, latest updates on everything. Changing to another keyboard (Samsung keyboard) doesn’t fix the issue

Has anyone experienced this?