[Android] Flaming Durtles - Android app with offline support

It’s on the list.

The WK default colours are meant to be shown on a light background. On a dark background they look bad. The Dark Breeze theme in the app was specifically requested to look like the popular Dark Breeze theme for the desktop site, so that’s where the colours come from.

I can always add another theme if there’s enough interest, but as far as I know most people are content with the Dark Breeze theme as it is.

There is, but it’s disabled by default. Look for the special buttons in Settings -> Advanced -> Other. You can assign various functions to them.

Rendaku :wink: . Plus, with teriyaki sauce and udon, flamed durtles are just so much more delicious than regular turtles.

Boring answer: I wanted a name for the app that would have a clear connection to WaniKani without actually using “WaniKani” in the name. Durtles and durtling are something of a meme on the forums, so it seemed a good option. It literally took me five seconds to come up with the app’s name, and I never looked back :slight_smile:


I would but I have a backlog of nearly 300 vocab lessons :sweat_smile: unfortunately Firefox Android just got rid of most addons too so no scripts at all… I’ll have to stick with desktop WK for lessons for now, thank you though :smiley:

Thank you very much for making and maintaining this app! It’s incredibly powerful and customizable, I love it!

One of the userscripts I use on the Desktop automatically plays the audio again after answering the meaning question. It only does this if you answered the reading correctly already. I feel like this helped me link the sound, the meaning and the Kanji a little better. Is it possible to add such a setting to Flaming Durtles?

Sorry for requesting yet another thing to be added to the already lengthy list of feature requests. Or maybe it’s already possible and I just haven’t found the setting yet?

I’ll add it to the list.


The API v1 shutdown killed my old app and I jumped over to yours. Just wanted to say thank you - my first 100 review session worked really well! Cheers :beers:


Feature suggestion:

A way of practise reviews of similar kanji.

Many times I know which kanji Wanikani is asking me simply because it’s together with other kanji I know, but, If I were to distinguish between similar looking kanji, I would not be able to tell them apart.

I don’t know how interested other people are in this feature or how useful it is, but it’s just a suggestion.

I’m a data scientist, working with python so perhaps I could try using the api. maybe if I don’t find this anywhere I can just simply make a script of some sort that helps me practise it. But I don’t know how to make apps for other though


Hi, Similar kanji will be mostly (but not totally) related to the same phono-semantic components. So maybe this kind of quizz will be better implemented once phono-semantic is implemented.
Because WK’s list of similar kanji is very limited, imho.

As others I’ve moved over to this app since API v2 broke my old one. So far I’m loving it and not looking back :slight_smile:

I have only one suggestion. When “Timeline chart size” is larger than “Part of timeline chart shown at once”, scrolling left and right on the timeline also scrolls the whole page vertically if you happen to move your finger up or down. It would be really nice if you could lock the vertical scrolling while scrolling horizontally in the timeline.

Thanks again for the great app!

Hi, I’ve just enabled the back-to-back option (reading first) and really like it. However, if I get the reading wrong the app will immediately ask for it again. Is it possible to make both the reading and the meaning move to a different position in the queue (but still together) when I get one wrong, similar to how the individual cards work when not back-to-back?

I know this is probably unsolicited advice, but there is a reason why WaniKani displays things separately - it’s based on a scientifically recognised principle called interleaving:

Thanks for the info. I just did a bit more reading about the advantages and disadvantages of back-to-back, and have come to the conclusion that back-to-back with reading first just suits me better.

I can see the appeal in being able to go kanji/vocab -> reading and kanji/vocab -> meaning individually rather than having to go kanji/vocab -> reading -> meaning. But, for me I don’t mind (even prefer) having my understanding of the meaning being more based on the reading.

But I’m just a level 4 so I might be wrong yet. We’ll see how it goes.

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to diminish your contribution in any way.:blush: I’ve just thought I’d throw my 2 cents: I don’t think this holds true for everyone. I’ve tried both methods during my WK journey and have not noticed any difference whatsoever. Typing is another thing that does not seem to play a role in my case. The things that make the biggest difference for me is encountering the words in the wild and mnemonics that really resonate with my childish, crazy psyche. Since I have a storytelling driven mind, a strong mnemonic can make me recognize a kanji 72 hours later with no reviewing in between whatsoever. A weaker one will probably turn the kanji into an insta-leech and no amount of interleaving or typing seem to help. Only patience and pain do the trick. :joy: Removing interleaving and typing can save a lot of time if use wisely. Some people might see a drop in accuracy, some people won’t. I guess that what I want to say is that when it comes to learning there are a few hard truths and in my humble opinion this is not one of them. Whether one wants to take the risk and deviate from the path that the Crabigator in its infinite wisdom designed for us mere mortals is a different story. :wink:

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That sounds really interesting and helpful for me!

Anyway, if you don’t want to be tested for the same group of kanji all the time, all that you have to do is fail some of them and they’ll eventually get mixed :joy: :joy:

Hi @ejplugge,

I’ve noticed that recently whenever I type in an answer and advance to the next item, the keyboard loses focus and I have to re-activate it manually again. I’ve tried with lightning mode on/off, same result either way.
I’m using Android 8 with the built-in Samsung keyboard.

I have a feature request. I sometimes like to use a handwriting input system with Flaming Durtles so I can practice writing in hiragana. It also helps my memory. However, I hate having to constantly switch between Japanese and English handwriting recognition. Is it possible to set it to quiz all the readings in a set, and then quiz all the meanings? That way I would only have to switch keyboards once per set.

What’s the meaning of the frequency range and leeches in the self study?

I finished the last lessons that it gave me like over a month ago, and it’s been giving me like 1 review a day since and no new lessons
Is this a bug or is it because I still have guru level ones to complete

You have exactly 356 items, which is the number of items in level 1-3. Levels 1 to 3 are free, to continue after level 3 you’ll have to get a subscription. Did you get one?

well don’t I feel like a fool :man_facepalming: thanks!