[Android] Flaming Durtles - Android app with offline support

if those are the only two known occurences then it might have to do with the newest update

I’m also on the newest version and have no issues with my reviews, so there must be another variable :man_shrugging:. A workaround can be to enable the ignore button and set its behavior to “Undo and mark correctly instead”, and use that whenever you see the app marking you wrong for stuff you got right. I suspect it might be an text encoding issue with the text generated by your input method (my guess as a dev) that makes the entered text different from the expected text in a not so obvious way from the app’s perspective .

Looks like you read the wrong third :wink: <<

That was certainly the case :slight_smile: but with 700 posts and not knowing the right keyword to search for (“what is the meaning of the kanji”… oh :wink: ) I kind of peetered out. Thank you for the quote/link!

Looks like a real bug, yes. But it’s a stumper, I have no idea where it comes from. I have tried to reproduce it here, but no luck so far.

To help me find out what’s going on, a couple of questions:

  • Have you seen this before yesterday’s update?
  • What type of keyboard do you use? (Normal QWERTY, Kana, glide, …)
  • When submitting the answer, did you use the enter key on the keyboard, or the submit button on the screen? (If you can remember.)
  • Did you use the don’t know, undo or ignore buttons shortly before this happened?

-Have not seen this before the last update.
-I didn’t use the undo or ignore button.
-I used the qwertz keyboard from Google keyboards (German option)
-I think I used the enter key from the keyboard.
Edit: happened again. Definitely used the submit button this time.

Just a few seconds ago it happened again but this time on the meaning part:

The waterfall (cumulative) line necessarily uses a different scale from the bars since it’s cumulative. Usually the maximum level for the waterfall line will be much higher than the maximum level of the bars. Even though both are drawn in the same chart, the height of the individual bars is not related to the level of the waterfall line.

I’ll put it on the list, but I’m not sure where to put this. Adding more text lines to the dashboard will push other useful parts of the dashboard even further down than they already are. Since the sync happens automatically whenever the device comes back online, and syncing while offline is impossible anyway, a message like this is not worth sacrificing a lot of valuable screen real estate for.

I’ll install that userscript and see what it does, and if it’s something that can easily be brought over to small mobile screens.

Yeah, that’s the first connection I made as well. But that code has been stable for a long time now, I would have expected this to pop up much earlier if that were it. Kana with dakuten can be represented in Unicode in two ways, so that’s an obvious candidate, but the problem also happens in answers without dakuten. And anything outside of the Kana block in Unicode gets flagged with a shake-and-retry anyway.

The only real cause I can think of now is that the answer text that is judged is not the same as the answer text that is shown. It shouldn’t be possible for those two to be different, but right now that’s my best lead. One possibility I am checking now is what happens when a last-moment edit to the answer is made immediately after the answer is checked but before the keyboard is hidden. The time window is tiny, but it’s theoretically possible, and maybe this update changed something to widen the window.

Hi again, I have a suggestion, although it’s totally up to you if this is something worth doing. I think it would be nice if there was an option to hide the reading in vocabulary lessons until tapped (like the option for hiding the translations in example sentences). When I’m using the web browser I usually try to guess the vocab reading from the kanji readings before looking at it, but having the reading so close to the meaning in the app makes it really easy to see at first glance.

I was considering a one-time message such as “retry” message, either on dashboard, or on the session summary:

Thanks, good to know it happens with meaning questions as well, that narrows down the possibilities a lot.

Makes sense, I’ll put it on the list for when I’ve tackled an annoying bug I’m looking into now.

The session summary is definitely an option, I’ll try that out. The problem with the red banner in your screenshot is that it takes up a large chunk of the most useful/valuable space on the dashboard, and it could stay there for a long time, depending on when you’re online again.

The big red banner is for something really important that really needs your attention right now before you can continue using the app. The message “hey, don’t forget to sync” doesn’t really “deserve” to be that prominent and in-your-face. So I’ll need to think of some way to present it that is noticeable, but doesn’t demand attention quite so aggressively. The top third of the screen is the most valuable part of the screen, I don’t want to add anything there unless it’s really important or it doesn’t really get in the way.

Hello again! I’ve been having a pretty annoying bug… often when doing my reviews, it doesn’t seem to “count” completed items. For example, say the first item in my review is the radical “canopy”, which I have at Apprentice 3… I put in “canopy”, I see the little thing telling me it’s gone to Apprentice 4, but the counter still says 0/44 reviews done and “canopy” pops up again later in the review session, still at Apprentice 3. I also had an incident earlier where I only had 2 reviews, I finished them, it still said I had the same two reviews - it hadn’t “counted” the answers I put in. The only way to get it to actually “count” my reviews is to start a session, abandon it, then start the reviews again.

Also, I understand there’s supposed to be an undo button? Maybe I’m just being dumb, but I can’t find it for the life of me.

Is this a new problem (since this weekend), or have you seen this before?

It’s disabled by default. You can enable it under “Other advanced settings”.

In one way or another, this particular change in 1.16 must be causing the problems that some people are seeing since 1.16 went live yesterday.

I have no idea yet why, but I don’t have much time this week to look into it, so I decided to simply remove it and push a 1.16.1 update. The other changes are still in there, I am only removing this part in the hope that it will resolve the strange issues with incorrect review results.

Please let me know if the problem persists after updating to 1.16.1, but I hope not since I really need some time this week for some urgent life stuff.

The values on the right and the waterfall line don’t match, can you fix that? Right now the values match the bars but the bars already have numbers on them so it’s less important compared to the waterfall line.

Since this weekend. I think I first noticed it on Saturday, maybe Friday, but I have a pretty shit sense of time. Was definitely happening yesterday.

I’m sorry to tell you but this happened after the update…

For now, I have reverted everything in 1.16, and pushed 1.17 which is exactly the same as the 1.15.1 we had before the weekend. I double-, triple-, quadruple-checked that 1.17 is exactly the same as 1.15.1 except for the version number. With this, any problems introduced by Sunday’s update must be gone.

I still have no idea how anything in 1.16 could have caused this, but my available time to dig into this now is very limited. When I have more time I’m going to add more logging for the question/answer logic so I can at least do more investigation if it happens again, and then go from there.

For everybody, this means that all changes from 1.16 are now gone. All of them are on the list to be added back in, but it will be one by one, slowly and carefully, and the low-priority cosmetic ones can take some time before they come back.

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Hey, is there any way to display the lessons breakdown somewhere in the app? On web, there’s this handy thing in the top right during the lesson session, it helps me plan my lessons batch to fit (for example) the number of radicals I unlock when I level up.


My current solution is to just have really small lessons batches (of 3-5) and just do any extra lessons that get unintentionally included, but I’d rather just see the breakdown beforehand somehow. Of course I could always just visit the browser and check there, but I’m too lazy :stuck_out_tongue:

:thinking: actually, I could just “browse” the new level and see how many radicals there are there and adjust as such.

I’ll put it on the list, but with the weird review bug going on it’ll take a while before I can get around to it.

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I just came to say that, after an almost 1-year hiatus, your app got me back into wanikani and I’m slowly but surely making my way through 1000+ reviews. :grin: Thank you for this!!