[Android] Flaming Durtles - Android app with offline support

I have some more “enlightened” reviews coming up soon. I’ll look out for the burned toast and let you know. Thank you!!

That’s because for a handful of radicals (37 of them to be precise) there is no Unicode character that correctly shows the radical. For those, I only have an image to show. During lessons and reviews I do show that image, but in a few places I can’t easily do that because it causes rendering problems, and even when I can, the image sometimes looks out of place. That’s why the blue box is smaller or larger for some radicals, and why in some places (including the app bar) you don’t see the radical at all.

For those radicals, that’s just the way it is. Partly it would be a lot of work to fix, partly my attempts to fix it have resulted in awful results so far. So I decided to just leave it be for now, since it’s only a few radicals. Normally, if I can’t or don’t want to show the image, I will show the name of the radical, like “tofu”. But during reviews I obviously can’t do that because it would give away the answer. And then you end up with the ugly [8778] thing. (The number 8778 is the internal ID in the WK database for the tofu radical.)

It’s still on my todo list to fix all of these up and make them look nice, but considering my frustration with this so far, it’s not really high on my priority list… Sorry about that.

No, if you have the notifications enabled in the app, then you should always get the notifications, even if they may be quiet. There’s nothing more to set up than that. If you don’t there’s almost certainly something in your device settings that stops them from showing up. Keep in mind that you only get a notification triggered for new reviews that just became available this hour. If you still have older reviews available, those will not trigger a notification, even though they will be included in the number of available reviews shown in the text of the notification. Can you check if you get a notification when you get new reviews?

I can see about making the notification category configurable, but I was rather hoping to avoid that…

I’ll put that on the list.

I fixed this in the most recent version, 1.6.0. If you’re still seeing “答え” on a meaning question, check for app updates in the store.

Also on the list.

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probably already good enough, but as items reappear the earliest after 4 hours, every 4 hours should also work

No, because that’s not what the background sync is for. The background sync is for catching lessons and reviews that have been done outside of the app, so that I don’t offer them again. And those can happen at any time, not just at the SRS intervals.

hi ejplugge,
it seems that some issues remain in the computation of the progress bars.

Here is what “Dashboard level progress details” is computing:

to be compared with the stats of “Flaming Durtles”:

The main difference is that I actually did not start any Lvl 27 vocabulary items. This is confirmed by wkstats.

A bientôt

Argh, I was afraid this might happen and I specifically wrote my database migration script to avoid this… I must have made a mistake there.

As you progress and unlock level 27 vocab, this will gradually disappear, but it will come back on later levels. Would you be willing to help me out with a test to pinpoint exactly what is going wrong? If so, make sure you have no un-synced progress, and reset your database from the bottom of the settings screen. This will wipe out all of your data and download it again, as if you had just installed the app fresh (except it will keep your settings).

If I am right, after the reset the bars should be correct again. If that’s true I can write a bit of corrective code that automatically fixes it up in the next update. If not, I have a mystery to solve…

I reset the DB, and unfortunately, the bars remained the same after the DB reconstruction.

background note : i have reset my WK progress back to Lvl1 in 2018, but never reached Lvl 27 before.

This comment actually put me on track to the solution :slight_smile:. I also did a reset, but I haven’t yet reached my previous max level again. And that makes all the difference.

I’ll have a fix in the next update. In the mean time, it’s harmless and will resolve itself as you unlock more items in your level.


Really cool app. I really like that it’s native and can work offline.
I noticed what seems to be some kind of rendering issue with some Kanji. see screenshot:

the left vertical line is missing . compare with 直

Actually, it is not the only difference with the expected symbol.
cf. this page for an explanation https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/直#Translingual

Then please see few answers above why it is recommended to add “japanese” as a 2nd language on your Android device.

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thanks. I’ve configured that now.
still wonder if a hint could be provided to the system by the app. unsure if it’s a regular Text View though…

Got another small suggestion. Is there a quick way you can implement a summary screen with the items of the review and their new SRS status after the review the way it is on web right now?

Also I’ve noticed I don’t get the prompt during reviews when the SRS status goes up or down. Is it a bug, or is it because I have “delay processing quiz results” enabled? It feels weird not to have that prompt, but I have SRS indicator also enabled so I can tell where the item will go after the review, but it’s still weird not to have the pop-up.
Edit: I disabled the “delay processing” option for my latest reviews and I can confirm the SRS level up message appears.

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Thanks for all the prompt replies, and I’ll definetly check my updates :smiley:

Yeah, it’s a straightforward TextView. But as far as I know there is no way for me to pass on the hint that it contains Japanese text rather than Chinese. If I find a way I will implement it in a heartbeat of course :slight_smile:. This is quickly becoming the most common problem people run into.

It’s been suggested a few times already. It’s on the list, but there is an important behind-the-scenes UI refactoring I want to do first, otherwise that summary screen would be too slow to load on older devices. Soon™️.

The latter. The toast is triggered by updating the database with the review result, and in delayed mode that doesn’t happen until the session is already over. I’ll see if I can easily adapt it to work in delayed mode as well.


OK, did some googling and here’s how you do it


I’ve tested it in the emulator and it works. Even if phone is using a chinese locale.

It was added in Android17 (4.2) however, so the users running 4.1 won’t get this fix but I don’t think you have very many at that version.

I tried that a few days ago on the two devices I have that don’t already have Japanese language support installed (both old-ish devices, 5.0 and 6.0), and it didn’t do anything on those.

I’ll do some more testing, if it doesn’t cause any problems I can include it for whatever devices it does happen to work on, and leave the rest to the manual workaround…

I just did my first set of lessons via FD today.
I found that the kanji were quite small and having the reading right next to it distracted my eyes and I just skimmed over it、inadvertently.

I like the way the other android app has these items on separate pages、but my suggestion in this instance would be to make the kanji itself bigger and central、and perhaps have the reading behind a “show” button. The show button could trigger any auto play reading as well.
You could then scroll down for the mnemonic etc.

Maybe it’s just me… but I find so much detail in the same spot hard to study from.

Love the app so far but there’s one big annoyance. The text input triggers android’s autofill service. Is it set as a password input or something?

This app sounds awesome, but after installing, putting in the API-Key and loading all background tasks it keeps crashing.
I use a Wiko Ridge 4G with Android 4.4.4

First of all, thank you for the app, It’s so useful I love it!
I was wondering if it could be possible to have a faster way to add Synonyms to an item on the lesson page? Going to “My notes” for every items eventually become a little tedious… (I put translations in my language as synomyns on every items^^’)
But I didn’t see anyone else asking for this, so maybe it’s just me being a little too obssessive :sweat_smile:
Anyway, thank you again for all your work!