[Android] Flaming Durtles - Android app with offline support

It’s possible, and others are asking for the same thing, so it’s going to happen. I just haven’t done it yet. One thing that makes it trickier is font licensing issues. First crack at it will probably be integration with Google Fonts. That way those fonts can be downloaded on demand and don’t have to be included in the app itself. It won’t work on all devices, but it should be easy enough to do quickly.

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how often do you do this? you made it optional so it seems as if you assume that it might cost a lot of battery, but effectively you only need to do it every 4 hours (if you ignore the possibility of unburning items, but that is so rare and small in effect it shouldnt matter)

also i have two more feature requests:
listening training: play only the audio and than as with anki mode show the kanji (should be a self study quiz so not affect anything and should be just a random selection of words - best if the user can select the minimum srs level they should be at)

allow people to unburn items within the app

also, if you allow me i would like to help you implement jitai support (as i said above without bundling jots with the app, the user has to provide these themselves)

There is no ideal sync frequency, since the background sync is not about planning future reviews. The app can predict what your reviews will be months in advance. The reason background sync exists is to compensate for the fact that some people use this app and other apps/sites together. To be perfectly up-to-date, I’d have to keep syncing continuously, and that’s not realistically possible.

The sync frequency varies with the type of data. Updates to subjects (content updates from WK) are synced once per day, updates to assignments (lessons and reviews done outside of the app) are synced once per hour, any pending lesson/review results (lessons and reviews done inside the app) are synced once every 15 minutes (if there are any to sync - if there is nothing waiting to sync this is skipped). This is a compromise that doesn’t consume a lot of battery power or data.

The feature is optional because you only really need it if you do reviews in multiple places, and a lot of people (like me) really care about not wasting battery life or data on something they don’t need. WK syncing doesn’t use a lot of either, but I don’t want to decide for other people what ‘too much’ is.

This would be a big change to the session workflow, and comes closer to reverse mode (like KaniWani and others do). It’s something I can look at in the future, but for now I am focusing only on the core workflow of lessons and reviews. Self-study is mostly in there because it’s mostly the same as a review session anyway.

This is currently not possible with the API. I can support this if and when WK adds an endpoint for this to the API.

Thanks for the offer, and I’ll keep it in mind, but for now Flaming Durtles is a solo project, for a bunch of different reasons.

Sounds perfect for my use case. Thanks so much for implementing this!

As of now, the ignore button seems to simulate a correct answer directly, instead of undoing the wrong answer and then having the item show up for review again, like how it works on browsers. Is it possible to change this?

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That’s how it’s designed to work. Basically, it’s meant as a quick “oh crap, I made silly typo because the bus driver thinks he’s Michael Schumacher. I got it right, so just pretend I typed it correctly and move on immediately” button. What you probably want is the undo button, which is a separate setting. That should do exactly what you want.

Maybe I should make this more clear in the UI, but I struggle to think of a way to do that that doesn’t clutter the UI too much.

Sort of, but I’d have preferred a way to not redo the failed review immediately.

Updated it and will see if I can reproduce the bug…

Thanks again for the quick fix!

Just another thought 、I know it may seem trivial、but does anyone else have any trouble distinguishing the different shades of pink in the level progression bars. I love that this is there、but I can’t see a big difference between the apprentice levels 1、2 and 3. 4 is clearly much darker.

It’s really not a big issue、but I wonder if the colours could be more obviously distinguished. Maybe it’s just me?

You mean the question you undid should be put back into the queue among the other pending questions, and the app should then select a new question in the usual way? That should be fairly easy to do.


I’d actually prefer it this way too…

It’s been a while since I picked those colours, but I’m pretty sure I just copied them from the site.

This goes back to me being colour-blind: I find the colours hard to distinguish regardless, unless I pick a bunch of very strongly differentiated colours, like black, white, blue, yellow, green and red. And even then green would piss me off since that is by far my weakest colour. The colours that are in there now are easily modified, but I can’t pick good colours myself - the last time this came up, someone said my choices hurt their eyes :slight_smile:

So I’m putting the question back to you: can you propose a set of 7 colours to replace them? If others agree those would be good, I’ll happily switch to those.

It would have to be one colour each for Passed, Apprentice I, II, III, IV, Initiate and Locked. And to keep it clear, the four colours for the Apprentice levels should at least be somewhere reasonably close to each other, so they look like they belong together.

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:grin: よろしくお願いします

The current other android app allows you to undo (correct your wrong answer)、but then it goes back into the random stack of reviews you need to do.

I’m fine with either way、but support the idea that has been suggested. It gives you time to either remember or know you really don’t know. That said、if you click undo and the app moves on、it wouldn’t give you the opportunity to re-read the mnemonic etc. The current app does allow this. If FD were to allow this、I’m in!

That’s already possible, but only before you tap undo. Once you give an incorrect answer, you get to see what the right answer would have been. There’s a “Show all” button there, and if you tap that, you get the full subject info dump that contains everything, including all mnemonics, hints and notes. Once you tap undo this disappears, and I think that’s the way it should be.

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I would love to help you!! I’m just not a techie and have no idea how to tell you what colour is what or where to find them. If you tell me how、I can propose something. If not、it’s not the end of the world. I’m sorry I’m not more knowledgeable in such things.

I think the apprentice should all be shades of pink、as you say、bc they are a family. Initiate、locked and passed are fine as they are. It’s just that block of apprentice colours that I think is hard to differentiate.

Yup. It does that. I like that function.
I agree with the other people about the wrong item being placed back into the pending reviews、only if this function of being able to re-read the mnemonics isn’t compromised.
Maybe I didn’t word myself very well intially.

Thank you for all your hard work.

What I need are RGB values, but I can get them myself. I would only need you put the colours in front of me.

If you could (for example) create an image or link to a web page that contains those colours (one at a time is fine, they don’t have to be all together), that’s good enough. As long as the colours show up on my screen somehow, and you can say “that’s the one I mean”, I have a little tool I can then use to find out exactly what the RGB values for those colours are, and I can take it from there.

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Nah, you’re doing fine, don’t worry about it. It’s just that I, personally, have a unique perspective on how the app works because I can see “behind the scenes” and because it’s built on my limited experience and my personal opinion about how it should work. Sometimes when someone suggests something it just takes a little time for me to “turn my head around” and understand the issue from their point of view.

It’s quite clear to me now, and it’s on the list, so it’ll probably be in the next update.

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I think the colours you have chosen are quite good! I think a little tweek is all that’s needed. I don’t want to make your job harder than it needs to be… Thought = If you rejigged the pinks、using the dark apprentice pink as the appIV、shifting the other two、 appIII and appII、to eliminate the difficulty in differentiating the colour and add one lighter to offset those、 becoming appI、 think it could work without a whole lot of changes.

For example;

I’ve only used my phone to select a lighter random pink colour、so maybe that’s not the perfect one、but at least you get the idea、and others can see what I mean/input into the selection. Maybe people like my light pink? I don’t mind it. Lol. Community input welcome!!

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