[Android] Flaming Durtles - Android app with offline support

Doing this now :smiley:

Quick question just to be ultra certain. The self study option doesn’t affect your SRS at all right?

Yes. The self-study works exactly the same as a review session as far as the app is concerned, but the results are thrown away and never reported to the API.


Just popped it from Play Store, and I already know this is the app I’ve been waiting for! Huge +1 for making the vocab font size waaay bigger then in WK for WaniKani! :grinning: What I would like to see yet:

  1. Wrap up button
  2. Option to turn popups completely off after inputting an answer, or even better: display only the alternative answers
  3. Back button works a bit odd now, jumping back to the reviews screen when I want to exit etc.

Keep up the great work!

It’s in the menu. I didn’t put it on the quiz screen directly to avoid overcrowding that.

I’m not sure what you mean by this. Could you explain in a bit more detail what you’d like to see and when?

The back button navigates to whatever screen you were on before. So for example if you choose to look up something during a review session, pressing back will bring you back to the quiz screen. So that works as intended. I’m trying to fix up the history stack so you don’t back up to a review session that’s already finished, but Android is a bit temperamental about that so far.

If you just want to exit to the dashboard, there’s always the home button in the toolbar at the top.


Ok just downloaded the app, a quick thing that really confused me for a few minutes:

So I had an extra kanji in the reviews compared to the website, in the website it was saying 60 reviews and in the app it was saying 61. So i did the extra kanji. As you can see it’s in level 32 whereas i’m at 31. Actually this kanji used to be taught much earlier but it was changed with the Content Overhaul. Actually even the reading was changed so I kept getting it wrong and was really confused.

I think this is the only kanji in this situation, at least for me, where I learned it but it’s not supposed to be in my reviews. Can you do something about this? Or if you think it’ll be fine when I get to the next level it’s fine, at least I don’t mind.

Edit: It keeps coming back lol, each time I start a new session it’s there. I’ll memorize it completely by the time I learn it in the next level :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ooh, interesting edge case :slight_smile:. I haven’t seen this before, but so far none of the content changes have affected me in this way at all. I think I know what’s going wrong and how to fix it, but to be sure, could you send me your debug log so I can see what the API is telling you? It’s at the bottom of the settings menu. (Ideally immediately after doing a review with that kanji in it.)

And yeah, it should resolve itself when you level up, but I’d like to fix it anyway.

It says upload failed when I try :confused:

That’s annoying, because to know why, I’d have to see that log :slight_smile:

Regardless, I think I know what’s going wrong, and I’m fixing it right now. It’ll come along in the next update, I’ll get that out quickly.

Ok I’ll let you know if 久 goes away or not!

I’m using the app and i think it’s pretty much perfect. Just one thing: on the website when we get an item correct we see an green up arrow and the level of the item, and if we get it wrong (either reading or meaning or both) we see a red down arrow and again the level of the item. Can you implement this as well?

Oh, I didn’t notice. In that case, it may be worth ordering reviews so that no more than 10 would be pending at a time. Otherwise, wrapping up could take a long time.

For example if you enter the reading, the panel explaining the reading gets shown immediately. My problem is that the meaning is sometimes in the reading explanation, so you’d better ignore it. So I suggest an option that only shows the alternative answers, without the explanation.

Two more things:

  • During reviews, the SRS table shown at the bottom is not updated with the currently input answers.
  • You can enter spaces in the reading input field.

This is now my favorite app.
Dankjewel :slight_smile:

I’m also level 31, but don’t have the extra kanji. So it must be because you started WK before the mnemonic overhaul.

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For me this is perfect since i always to meaning->reading. If it’s changed it should be optional :slight_smile:

Also a small thing: I use anki mode and my synonyms dont dont show at the first slide, but only on the second one where theres everything. Can you add the user defined synonyms to the anki mode? Even better, make them bold :slight_smile:

I’ve put it on the list.

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I’ve submitted a new release to the store, it should appear for updates some time tomorrow. It has a couple of bugfixes I want to get out there quickly. After this I’m going to have a couple of very busy days, which won’t leave a lot of time for Flaming Durtles. I’ve made a long list of suggestions to go through, so I surely will not get bored :slight_smile:

Version 1.3.0, 2019-08-19:

  • Add option to hide context sentence translations until tapped.
  • Redo the layout of the level progression bar chart.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause problems when WaniKani moves subjects to a higher level than the user’s level.
  • Limit network access to WiFi if desired. Option to disable audio auto-download.
  • Fixed a bug where a level-up wasn’t noticed soon enough.
  • Some behind the scenes database improvements that should make things a bit faster.

Thank you for this awesome app! Now I can finally do reviews without getting disconnects on the train :smiley:

Do you plan to share the source code e.g. on Github or another platform? I’m sure there might be a few developers who would submit patches or new features. I would like to have an AnkiDroid integration as Akebi offers it. Might implement it myself if the code gets open-sourced and I find some time to get more into Android development.

Meanwhile I noticed a bug where some of my reviews keep reappearing after I finished them. This happens always for 久 (kanji), 久しい and 久しいぶり. Oddly enough they are actually from level 32, while I’m currently on level 22. In WK itself it seems that they are still locked for me, although I managed to bring them to Enlightened status somehow. I guess that your app thinks that the items are ready to burn, while WK doesn’t allow to update the review status yet. Let me know if I can provide you any debug output. I haven’t read the whole thread yet and still use version 1.2.0 - so maybe this behaviour is already known to you.

At some point, probably. Right now the code is in a private repo on GitHub, so opening it up will be easy once I decide to. But I’m hesitant to do so any time soon. Partly because the codebase is rather ugly and not up to my usual standards as a professional dev (it’s just a casual hobby project after all), and I don’t want this to stand as an example of how I code. Partly because I’m not looking forward to the effort of maintaining and supporting it as an open source project. Partly because WaniKani/Tofugu have some rules for software that uses their API and I want to make sure my code stays in line with those rules.

It’ll happen some day, I’m sure, but don’t hold your breath :slight_smile:

This is a known bug. It happens because those kanji have been moved from a low level to a higher level by the Crabigator in a past content update. But you unlocked and leveled up those kanji before then. You won’t see reviews for those kanji until you hit the level they are now at, but Flaming Durtles doesn’t know that and tries to give you the reviews anyway. The fix is in release 1.3.0, which is waiting for Google’s approval right now, and it should show up for you in the store some time tomorrow.


I installed this on my smartphone last night and played around with it a little, but the true test was using it on the bus ride home from work today.

*insert praise here*

With praise now out of the way (there was a lot of praise, by the way), here are the items that stood out to me:

  1. I had a card come up and I tried to figure out the pronunciation. Then I noticed it was for meaning, and…I didn’t know the meaning either. I chose “Don’t Know”, and was presented with full information, including both the meaning (which is what I needed to see) and the hiragana spelling (which I hadn’t been quized on yet this session). This spoiled the answer for the reading, ensuring I wouldn’t be able to get it wrong. WaniKani.com will only show the meaning when getting it wrong here. (I don’t know if WaniKani treats getting both sides wrong the same or differently versus one side.)

  2. Others may disagree with me here, so don’t rely on my input alone, but for the timeline, there’s no point in having numbers on the left and lines across when there are numbers over each bar.


    Quick mock-up without extra lines and numbers:

Regardless of whether those are kept or removed, I do think it would be useful to have light and dark vertical lines for few hours like the timeline script for wanikani.com (I didn’t include them in my mockup.) Otherwise, it’s a bit difficult to know which bar goes with which time.

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100% Disagree