[Android] Flaming Durtles - Android app with offline support

Okay, that clears it up :slight_smile:. I’ll put you down as a “prefer to keep as-is” then. Since I don’t care either way on this particular issue I hope we’ll get some more opinions before I lock it in one way or another. Plus, it can always become yet-another-setting.

When I launched FD I deliberately didn’t include any analytics since I respect people’s privacy, but I’m starting to occasionally wonder how many features in the app are used by just one or two people… With fewer than 500 users in total and dozens of settings, there must be a couple of those.

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I’m pretty privacy conscious myself and usually opt out given the opportunity. However I absolutely see the value in having analytics as well, especially in cases like figuring out crashes and configurations.

If you do decide on adding some analytics I suggest that perhaps you make it an option to opt-out which would satisfy most people I think, and having it an opt-out rather than an opt-in makes it so that most people that don’t care as much would probably leave it on. Adding a small snippet that says “no personally identifiable information is collected, your help is appreciated” or something to that effect would probably also help (if that’s the case, where you’re more interested in usage analytics).

Yeah, if you want usage statistics you kinda need opt-out, opt-in will usually give a skewed result.

But the biggest obstacle is I would need to write a privacy policy for Flaming Durtles :wink: . If you collect any kind of user data, anonymous or not, a whole host of rules and regulations suddenly kick in, and Google makes sure you obey all of those, even though they don’t obey them themselves. And suddenly you have to write incredibly detailed policy documents detailing what you do and so on. It’s an annoying hassle, and I decided early on I just can’t be arsed to do it the proper way, and I either want to do it the proper way or not at all.

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I see, I’m not familiar with how stringent Google is with developers following all of the regulations but it makes sense you’d want to do it properly or not at all. (programmers and their documentation, right :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

I think it should work pretty much like it currently does :wink:

I like to deal with meaning and reading together and I don’t want to retry X items later if I get either of them wrong. I just want to immediately correct my mistake and move onto the next item. The current implementation is therefore great for me.

I also use meaning-first, but purely to prevent this sort of thing happening:

  1. FD asks for the meaning.
  2. I get the meaning wrong.
  3. FD asks for the reading (but my brain wants / expects the meaning again to correct it)

I realise I’m probably in a very small minority with the desire to “correct” immediately, but it works for me :woman_shrugging:t2:

After I read this, I tried this app for the first time tonight. Question: How do I ignore this? Which button should I tap? Where’s the ignore button?

Tsk. Ah. It’s hard to post on mobile.

Settings > Enable advanced settings > then you click “Other advanced settings” > Then enable either the ignore button, or the undo button, or both, and customize their respective behaviors.


That button is turned off by default, but the good news is you can set it to on while doing reviews and can then still ignore that.

You have to click on the three dots in the upper right corner to open the drop down menu, and the click ‘settings’, then scroll down to advanced settings and enable them. Then you can go to ‘other advanced settings’ and enable the ignore or undo button.

You have to be a bit careful there which function you assign it. You could theoretically also assign the undo function to it, which means the review would go back into the queue. Ignore acts as if you got it right.

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Got it. Thanks.

Another question: is it possible to do siblings review (kitsun’s terminology) or 1x1 mode (reorder scripts term) on this app? Which one is it? Reading meaning back to back?

Ok, I got it. I guess I’ll just use the ignore one.

Reading/meaning back-to-back would be the one :slight_smile:

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Beautiful! It worked perfectly as I expected. Strangely I ve never heard audio played here though. :face_with_monocle:

Edit: oh wait. I think I’ll need to download em first.

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You’ll have to wait for the audio download background tasks to complete, you’ll see those displayed on the main screen. Also make sure to select the Settings > Audio Settings > Voice preference to “Random”. After that, choose “Sync now” from the main menu again.

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@ejplugge I had a question about how the app stores the downloaded audio files. I assume it’s in the internal memory. Is it possible to change it to SD card/external memory?

Ok, cool! I’ll just have to wait for my unlimited WiFi because I’m not sure of how many GB will audio files take from my mobile data. 教えてくれてありがとうございます。

It’s not gonna download all the files at once :slight_smile: just the ones for upcoming reviews, shouldn’t really take more than a few MB (unless you have hundreds of reviews O_O)

I have zero reviews currently :sunglasses:


I like how it is currently, please make his suggestion an option and not the only way.

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Nope I’m exactly the same

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you are my saviour, my job takes me to places where there is no internet available for long periods of time, now I can do my reviews offline <3