[Android] Flaming Durtles - Android app with offline support

I got my first burns today… but no notification on screen about the level up. It was only when I finished the lessons that the numbers migrated into the burned section that I knew it happened.

I thought there were on screen congratulations/notifications? Or is it a setting I should select?

Edit: I just did another set of reviews and got a notification when I leveled items up to master. Not sure why I didn’t see it on the burns.

I was just thinking. When a typo is accepted, due to it being close to the answer, do you think you could implement a toast message saying that it’s
slightly off, like the website does? There are times when I’m not sure I typed in the right answer or just something similar and wrongly leveled the item up.


Thanks for this great app. I apologize if this is already discussed, I didn’t read the entire thread before posting. I noticed that the font used doesn’t always show the “correct” radicals. For instance 空 has fins instead of legs, 画 has a ground on top instead of a leaf and 直 doesn’t contain a lion but rather has a ground attached to the bottom of the eye. Maybe that’s a good thing, as we learn that it’s not always drawn that way, but it makes it harder to remember based on the story…

Check into adding Japanese as a second language on your device. I haven’t tried it out myself yet, but that’s the solution mentioned earlier in the thread. Here’s hoping it works, as I’m affected by it as well. I plan to try the solution this week.

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This. Sometimes there are font variations, so a certain kanji or radicals may look a bit different on different devices, but Android has the annoying tendency to decide for you that you want Chinese variations rather than Japanese variations. Adding Japanese as a secondary language in your system settings should give you the proper Japanese variations.

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I like the way the ‘close but no cigar’ script is handling these kind of situations, if ejplugge needs some idea on how to deal with mistypings :

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This should work, there is nothing special about the logic behind the toast that would treat Burned differently from, say, Master or Enlightened. I think for some reason the app simply must have missed the fact that you got a burn, although I don’t know how that could happen. I’ll have a look at it tonight.

I’ll have a look. Detecting that this happened isn’t too hard. I’m just not keeping the information around right now, so I’ll have to add something so the app remembers that it was “acceptable but not quite right”. The tricky part will be how and where to present it properly, especially in combination with lightning mode…

I went through the logic behind the notifications, and there is absolutely nothing there that makes a difference between Burned and other SRS levels. I did find an issue that occasionally could cause a notification to be missed, especially on older devices, but that applies to all stages equally, not just to Burned.

I’ll have a change to resolve that one issue, hopefully that will be it. Otherwise I have no clue what might be going wrong… Please have a look after the next update drops to see if it may be resolved. I won’t be able to see it go wrong myself for a while yet, since I recently reset my account back to level 1 and my first burns are still months away.

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When learning some radicals today I noticed that the Tofu radical (lvl. 12) is not beeing displayed correctly.

When I was learning the radical, in the bar next to the “back arrow” where you usually see the radical/kanji/vocab, there was no radical but rather [87…], where the two dots represent two numbers I can’t remember anymore. The radical way displayed correctly in the blue filled box and when asked in reviews, just not in the top box next to the “back arrow”.

Also it seems to occupy more space then the other radicals in the blue box

Regarding notifications, I know the latest update made it so that notifications are less aggressive, but I feel like I am now not getting any notifications. I double checked my system notification settings as well as on the app, and it looks like I should be getting them. Low priority is unchecked. Is there anything I can do to force the notifications?

Hi! First and foremost, you have an amaaazing app, thank you for providing it!
After the praising, of course that there comes some (not urgent) requests:
^ I really miss the “Next Day” section in the app, I think it’s realy quick to implement and could be in that empty space after the burned items.
^ If the placeholder of the meaning answers could be “answer” or something in English like in WK, it would be less confusing to know which answer to provide.
^ Lastly, the most “useless” request: it would be nice to be able to swipe to the next lesson item, instead of having to hold the cellphone with both hands to click to the next one.

Again, thanks for your hard work and the app, the offline feature is the best!!! :heart:

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I have some more “enlightened” reviews coming up soon. I’ll look out for the burned toast and let you know. Thank you!!

That’s because for a handful of radicals (37 of them to be precise) there is no Unicode character that correctly shows the radical. For those, I only have an image to show. During lessons and reviews I do show that image, but in a few places I can’t easily do that because it causes rendering problems, and even when I can, the image sometimes looks out of place. That’s why the blue box is smaller or larger for some radicals, and why in some places (including the app bar) you don’t see the radical at all.

For those radicals, that’s just the way it is. Partly it would be a lot of work to fix, partly my attempts to fix it have resulted in awful results so far. So I decided to just leave it be for now, since it’s only a few radicals. Normally, if I can’t or don’t want to show the image, I will show the name of the radical, like “tofu”. But during reviews I obviously can’t do that because it would give away the answer. And then you end up with the ugly [8778] thing. (The number 8778 is the internal ID in the WK database for the tofu radical.)

It’s still on my todo list to fix all of these up and make them look nice, but considering my frustration with this so far, it’s not really high on my priority list… Sorry about that.

No, if you have the notifications enabled in the app, then you should always get the notifications, even if they may be quiet. There’s nothing more to set up than that. If you don’t there’s almost certainly something in your device settings that stops them from showing up. Keep in mind that you only get a notification triggered for new reviews that just became available this hour. If you still have older reviews available, those will not trigger a notification, even though they will be included in the number of available reviews shown in the text of the notification. Can you check if you get a notification when you get new reviews?

I can see about making the notification category configurable, but I was rather hoping to avoid that…

I’ll put that on the list.

I fixed this in the most recent version, 1.6.0. If you’re still seeing “答え” on a meaning question, check for app updates in the store.

Also on the list.

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probably already good enough, but as items reappear the earliest after 4 hours, every 4 hours should also work

No, because that’s not what the background sync is for. The background sync is for catching lessons and reviews that have been done outside of the app, so that I don’t offer them again. And those can happen at any time, not just at the SRS intervals.

hi ejplugge,
it seems that some issues remain in the computation of the progress bars.

Here is what “Dashboard level progress details” is computing:

to be compared with the stats of “Flaming Durtles”:

The main difference is that I actually did not start any Lvl 27 vocabulary items. This is confirmed by wkstats.

A bientôt

Argh, I was afraid this might happen and I specifically wrote my database migration script to avoid this… I must have made a mistake there.

As you progress and unlock level 27 vocab, this will gradually disappear, but it will come back on later levels. Would you be willing to help me out with a test to pinpoint exactly what is going wrong? If so, make sure you have no un-synced progress, and reset your database from the bottom of the settings screen. This will wipe out all of your data and download it again, as if you had just installed the app fresh (except it will keep your settings).

If I am right, after the reset the bars should be correct again. If that’s true I can write a bit of corrective code that automatically fixes it up in the next update. If not, I have a mystery to solve…

I reset the DB, and unfortunately, the bars remained the same after the DB reconstruction.

background note : i have reset my WK progress back to Lvl1 in 2018, but never reached Lvl 27 before.

This comment actually put me on track to the solution :slight_smile:. I also did a reset, but I haven’t yet reached my previous max level again. And that makes all the difference.

I’ll have a fix in the next update. In the mean time, it’s harmless and will resolve itself as you unlock more items in your level.


Really cool app. I really like that it’s native and can work offline.
I noticed what seems to be some kind of rendering issue with some Kanji. see screenshot:

the left vertical line is missing . compare with 直