[Android] Flaming Durtles - Android app with offline support

I’d like to report what I consider a bug but you may not consider it as is.

It doesn’t happen on all level, but it happened today on level 19 and I think I got that one two or three time on level 13-16 (very unsure).

I do not always have the time to do all my review, but I try to keep up with the one that handles the level up - namely radicals and kanji of current level - and wrap up the session after these are done when I do not have more time.

In review advanced settings, I have set:

  • Overdue items first
  • Priority: Level-up items first

These does not always work.
I sometime have current level radical (or kanji, but on level 19 it was two radicals) that are not marked as level-up items.

  • when that happens, the incriminated items doesn’t appear in the top of the queue for review
  • if I have more items in review thant my max review session count, these incriminated items are or are not in the batch
  • these incriminated items aren’t showed in the timeline count of level up items
  • on level 19, of the 7 radicals only 6 of thems were marked as levelup item. I had to skim through to get the seventh (wich was 我)

Hi @ejplugge, do you plan on participating in hacktoberfest? You might get a number of people keen to help with issues and such. I’d probably be able to help with something small.

Thanks for your work.

Edit: Nevermind, I got it! I experimented a bit with the advanced settings and found what I needed with the optional Skip button

I need advice (please :))

During reviews, I usually encounter a word that I wanna leave for later - that is, not answer - on PC and in the old WK app, I would just F5 or quit the review session and start a new one, and I’d get different words + it remembers the old ones I already partially did

Now this app, Flaming Durtles, I just started using it and whenever I encounter a word I would like to skip for now, I quit the session and when I go back the session starts in the same place (it remembers the word and goes back right to it). So I can’t skip it!

How can I override this?

Does the “I don’t know” button do this? Or does it mark it as failed immediately?

I often skip the words because when doing Burns, I might remember the meaning the next day (which is good enough for me, I have a slow tempo of learning), so it would be a deal breaker if there’s no functionality for this


Can you share the userscript name please?
I also like the idea and would like to try it out myself.

Cheers :smile:

Is this a script? There is a setting for this in the vanilla Wanikani. I got the audio by turning on this setting.

Should be this one

@prouleau Native WK doesn’t play audio after you answer the meaning question

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Huh? I have this in my setting page. It clearly says ‘review’.


Natively it only does it for the reading question

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You must be right. I missed the reading vs meaning nuance.

Thank you.

@prouleau -That setting only enables the audio playback after the reading review is correctly answered. This specific script will enable audio playback after the meaning review (provided reading has already been correctly answered during that session). Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Combine it with the reorder script to always get the reading question first and you will always hear the audio twice

I’m having some difficulties with failed review practice:

In the app the filter “Incorrect answer less than: ___ hours ago” seems to only take reviews into account that were done with the app. Reviews done via browser are ignored.


  1. I do some reviews via browser, fail one or multiple items.
  2. I attempt to start a self-study quiz with Incorrect answer less than: 2 hours ago, all other filters empty/default. The app will tell me “No subjects found for self-study”.
  3. I do some reviews via the app, fail one or multiple items.
  4. I start a self-study quiz with exactly the same settings as before. All failed items from the second review batch show up, the ones from the first batch don’t.

@ejplugge, is this intended behavior?

App version: 2.2.1

Hi, love the app!
Would it be possible for you to show a daily streak indicator? (e.g., # of days you’ve opened the app/used it in a row)

Also, if you could add a particle effect when you complete a session/get a review correct, that’d be awesome!

Oh, and an option to show the meaning/reading automatically if you get it wrong, would be great!

Did you force sync the app before attempting the self study?

Yes, I did.

Hm, then I don’t know, sorry.

Your app is fantastic @ejplugge. Are there any plans to implement some feature to learn distinguish visually similar kanji? It’s totally if there are any, I’m just curious to see if this is a common suggestion or just me :slight_smile:

Don’t know if that’s been asked before, but could you add opt-in ads? I feel like we can support you a bit for all the work you have done…

See this post

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I seem to have a problem with the recordings. I downloaded the files but it’s not playing during lessons and reviews. How can I fix it?