[Android] Flaming Durtles - Android app with offline support

I’ll have a look at it. I try to avoid adding settings for minor customizations since the app is already drowning in an overload of settings. But in this case, maybe I should turn down the swipe sensitivity a little so a larger gesture is required before it is recognized as a swipe. What kind of device are you using? The swipe sensitivity depends to some degree on your screen resolution.

Hm, that shouldn’t happen. I specifically wait for the playback to finish before cutting off the media player object. What surprises me more is that it happens during reviews but not during browse…

I’ll investigate and put in some kind of fix/workaround for the next update.

Great, thank you! If adding the option to switch the swipe off is not good, maybe just the possibility of going back to lessons once inside the quiz would sort the problem? Having said that, it does feel like the sensitivity is quite high for me.

I’m using a Honour Play phone, by Huawei. Not sure what the screen resolution is though…

Actually, sorry, I can reproduce it in the browse mode too, and it seems to happen more often if I go into a menu, come back and press play.

I’ll look at that, too.

No problem, I can always look that up. It has 1080 pixels horizontally, which is very common, although most 1080-wide phones these days have slightly larger screens than yours I think. So the pixel density is fairly high, which can be an issue for swipe sensitivity.

Ah, that’s good to know. That suggests it may be related to memory pressure and garbage collection, although I already take some measures to avoid that… regardless, I should be able to work around this in some way.

I begin to struggle with similar kanji.
Could this user script be integrated? I’ve looked the example from the thread on the app and it is quite different.

The info for visually similar kanji that is shown now is the info that is supplied by the API. Which is pretty limited in its scope. That userscript contains a much more comprehensive database.

I could add more, but it depends on the availability of the data. The databases in that userscript and in the semantic-phonetic composition script by the same author are covered by the GPL, which means that I can only include them in the app if I relicense the entire app under the GPL, and I don’t want to do that.

Both scripts are on my list to adapt for FD, but the license restriction on the databases is an issue I’ll need to deal with first, so I can use the data legally. So it’s on the list, but not with very high priority.

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Understood, thanks. :slight_smile:

Whenever I do selfstudy and select “incorrect answer less than… hours ago”… No matter what I fill in, it doesn’t work.
Thanks for the great app btw!!

Did you do any recent reviews / self-study in the app itself with incorrect answers? FD does not track individual reviews done on other devices, so that filter only catches incorrect answers that were given in the app on that device. I’m guessing you’re not getting any hits because those incorrect answers were given on the website or another app.

Yep, I did a session of 50 items (50% incorrect lol)… And even when I fill in 800 hours… Nothing. And I do reviews every day.

I tested it again. Made sure WaniKani showed the incorrect items. Tried selfstudy… But nope, nothing :confused:

If you’re rewriting the functionality to be native Java but are using different logic, I don’t believe that would break GPL. Use of the database may be a different story.

Also, I noticed a bug recently where every time I open the app I get an error at the top saying it can’t connect to WaniKani. After I click retry it goes away. But it is pretty much every time I haven’t used the app for an hour or two.

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Hm, when I test it myself it has no problems picking up on incorrect answers. I’ll investigate it. To help me, could you upload your debug log (last option in the settings menu)?

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Yes, like I said, the databases are the problem. Not the code.

That means that the app had problems talking to the API. It can happen when the API has problems or an outage, but most likely it’s your device having intermittent connectivity problems. If you upload your debug log I can see what’s going on.

Sending now

The errors are legit. Your device is regularly getting timeouts talking to the WK API servers. I can’t see why, but I haven’t seen any timeouts myself recently, so it’s probably on your end. Maybe your phone needs a quick restart, maybe your WiFi is flaky or overloaded, maybe your phone or router is having virus/malware problems, could be many things. On two occasions (once yesterday, once today) your device lost WiFi and switched to mobile, and two of the timeouts happened shortly after those switches.

Regardless, your device is having intermittent drops in connectivity, so there’s no FD bug going on here.

Thank you. I’ll try restarting my device then.

I’m having the same thing

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I found the problem. I’ll have a fix in the next update.

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