[Android] Flaming Durtles - Android app with offline support

I disagree with your position, but I agree with your decision not to include it since it would be a lot of work and it apears that there is really a marginal interest from the community.

No worries, thanks for adding the old mnemonics of the radicals.

You made the best Wanikani app there is and your response time to requests is great! :+1:

like this also!

Found a bug. I now have the app setup to not show anything if I get an answer wrong. I do this so I can undo and try again without seeing the answer. I have it set now to only show the answer and not any description of I get an answer correct.

The bug is, if I click undo after getting an answer wrong. Then I do get the answer right. It doesn’t show the possible answers which is the setting I have for a correct answer. It’s not a big deal but I figured I’d point it out for you.

Just a question - is there no way to add meaning or reading notes in the app? I use notes extensively and was really bummed out when I noticed the only place you could add stuff in the app was for synonyms, which is not something I use at all.

I thought I’d accounted for that possibility, but apparently not. I’ll have a look at it.

Yes, there is. Whenever your screen is showing a single item (during lessons, reviews or just when browsing the subject database), you get a menu option “My notes…”. That will take you to a screen where you can edit your notes and synonyms for that item.


Unsurprisingly, I’m blind when it comes to finding things. Thanks for the great app and features!

Hello there! Thank you so much for the app!!
I wanted to ask where is the Undo button? I don’t think I’m blind but I can’t see it when I type an answer wrong!

Edit: I think I found it. I had to enable advanced settings for some reason!! Thank you again!

Could I suggest to plan a campaign of anonymized usage metrics? It seems many users are enabling the undo/ignore/etc button, the timeline, etc.
These metrics could eventually be used to determine the options than needs to be active by default? reducing the quantity of “how to enable feature X or Y?” messages.


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I have considered that a number of times, and I would definitely like to see those metrics. But I have decided not to. Partly because I respect people’s privacy, and partly because collecting data is an activity that is heavily governed by laws and regulations, and I don’t have the legal expertise to navigate that quicksand safely. I could hide the metrics behind an opt-in, but opt-in metrics are mostly useless because of selection bias.

I occasionally tweak the defaults based on feedback, but turning on any of the advanced settings by default is not an option. Those settings are hidden by default for a good reason, since they can be very harmful to the whole learning process. How much is debatable, and it’s not the same for everyone, but I want everyone who uses those features to have to enable them by themselves, and to have to see that warning.

Partly this is to protect new users who don’t yet know how harmful they can be, and partly this is to cover my own ass; if someone gets into trouble by overusing FD’s advanced settings, then I can shrug and say “hey, you saw the warning and clicked yes anyway, it’s your own responsibility”.

The bar to clear is very low because I don’t feel it’s my responsibility to prevent people from making their own mistakes, but that type of setting is always going to stay hidden behind some kind of hurdle.


@ejplugge I don’t have any complaints or bug reports or anything. Just wanted to say I’m enjoying the app a lot lately, especially the landscape orientation changes.

I think you’re doing a great job :+1: . Please know that you’re appreciated, I hope you’re not feeling overstressed or pressured. It’s ok to take a break occasionally. Big internet hug :hugs:


I’ve been playing around with the app a bit and there’s one thing I’ve not figured out if there is a solution to. Can the app detect when I’ve been using Wanikani somewhere else, like on the browser on my computer? Sometimes it looks like I have several times the number of reviews waiting than I actually have when I get a notification from the app. It seems like it just keeps on adding up the number, and I have to actually open the app to get a proper sync.

No, it’s not possible for the app to know directly if you’ve done lessons/reviews somewhere else. The app needs to sync to find that out.

FD will sync automatically once per hour if it’s open. Normally it won’t sync in the background, but you can enable background sync in Settings -> API. If you do, make sure your device is set to allow background processing for the app - most phones kill background processing agressively to conserve battery power, and the app can’t sync if your phone won’t let it.

But even then, the sync happens only once per hour. If you did reviews elsewhere less than an hour ago, you’ll have to do a manual sync regardless.

Thanks! I’ll check it out.

I’m working on a big 1.26 update, but I have a few small fixes I want to get out quickly. Especially one data issue that can put burned items back into the lesson queue where they shouldn’t be.

  • Update pitch info data for new vocab subjects
  • Fix subject info dump after undo
  • Clickable links in about, subject info, etc. work again
  • Fix a lesson queue issue that can incorrectly put burned subjects back into the lesson queue

Depending on how quickly Google processes it, this should be in the Play Store within the next 24 hours.

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hi ejplugge,
a very minor bug : I had the impression there was a very minor bug when you click “wrap the session” when there is no pending item (meaning and reading were done for every item). I had the impression I was presented one last quizz, despite having answered this item already.
I uploaded my log after that event, but forgot to notify you about. Can you please review it? It may have an incorrect interpretation of the events on my side.

I checked your log, and I see 6 times where you wrapped up the session. Are you talking about the last event? In general, I can’t see anything going wrong in the wrap-up logic.

In the case of the last wrap-up specifically, you answered the radical 余 incorrectly, and then wrapped up, and then answered that same question correctly. That’s as it should be - since you answered the question incorrectly, the item counts as started, meaning that it won’t disappear in a wrap-up. Once any question for an item has been answered, correctly or incorrectly, it will stubbornly survive a wrap-up until you get it right, or until you undo all of those answers. Maybe you were expecting different logic?

Thanks for the analysis.
In the last wrap-up, I had the impression that I clicked the wrap-up menuitem, and then was presented with one last question I had already answered successfully.
But I could well be wrong.

I often do wrap-up, because I dont know a better way to browse back to the previous review item, or to display the list of items I already completed in a session in progress.

May a button to browse back the questions could be useful. Or have access to an intermediate summary of the session.


No, I think you’re misremembering that one. You definitely answered that item incorrectly, the log is pretty clear about that.

I’ll put the suggestion on the list, but I’m wary of allowing users to look back at answers to non-completed items. Also, I don’t actually store answers anywhere, so it would only show the item and the number of incorrect answers. It would definitely be one for the advanced settings.

One thing you can already do now is review the last completed item. Once an item in the session has been completed, you get a menu option to see the full subject info for the one you completed most recently. I find that one quite useful with lightning mode enabled.

I was not aware of this, thanks. Let’s see if it fits the need when it happens.

@ejplugge, you couldn’t add resurrect functionality because there’s no corresponding API endpoint right? Did you ask them to add one? Otherwise I’m gonna ask them :slight_smile:

They’ve been asked multiple times, and viet recently confirmed it’s on their suggestions list, but it’s not a priority for them. Might happen, might not, no way to be sure if and when.

But I’ve implemented a web login in FD, and there is now limited resurrect support in the app. You have to put your password in API settings, and it uses an undocumented interface that may break at any time, but it works right now if you have Android 5.0 or higher.

For now you can only resurrect/burn single items from the subject info view (scroll down to the bottom), but I’m going to add some batch functionalities after the next big update I’m working on.

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