[Android] Flaming Durtles - Android app with offline support

It’s the level-up/down toast for the last question. It shouldn’t be covered by the buttons, and I’m not sure why this didn’t happen before… I’ll have a look, I should be able to have it fixed in the next update.

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Hi, just gotta say I love the app, I’ve used it exclusively to get from around level 20 to here. I honestly think I prefer it to the official WaniKani review web page.

I agree with @RobotWizard that the loss of the space under words feels pretty cramped.

It’s good for some users with smaller displays, but as you can see in our case (my display is a little shorter than his, but not by much) there’s quite a lot of blank space. Also, with the fact that there is “Apprentice iii” and “vocabulary meaning” very close above and below, I tend to get distracted and read them over and over rather than the Japanese word in the centre, I’m not sure if this is a native brain thing where we’re predetermined to block out anything unfamiliar if it’s surrounded by familiar things or if it’s an A.D.D. thing, but I could absolutely use an option to get the old spacing back as it’s causing me to struggle more than I’d expect.

I’m also having a sudden issue with keyboard responsiveness, from roughly 2/3 days ago alongside when the display spacing updated, sometimes I can type a word like “shou” up to 3 times before the keyboard will pick up the final “u” of the last attempt. Besides that the keyboard can take a long time to appear as well after it disappears. I believe the longest I’ve seen was around 6-7 seconds. Before though, the keyboard rarely disappeared and on the occasions it did it came back almost instantly. It was much more responsive too. Any ideas as to what might be causing this issue?

The old layout definition is gone, forgood. It was just too inflexible to cater to differing needs and it was making it more or less impossible to create a layout that would work well for small and large displays. But in the next update I’ll have some changes that will give you some more control over the layout, including a way to get more spacing in that view.

No, this is a mystery to me. I’ve had a few reports in email of different kinds of freezes, and this may be related. But to investigate this further I need more information since this is not happening for me. Specifically, I need to see debug logs and I’m not getting any… :frowning: . If you want to help me, could you send me your debug log (last option in the settings menu) immediately after this happens again? Specifically after you experience another delay of several seconds or more, so I can pinpoint in the logs when this happens? And when you do, please let me know what exactly was the last thing you did in the app before the freeze happened. Oh, and considering it looks maybe keyboard-related, what keyboard do you use?


But in the next update I’ll have some changes that will give you some more control over the layout, including a way to get more spacing in that view.

Excellent, thank you, that will be a great help.

could you send me your debug log (last option in the settings menu) immediately after this happens again?

Of course, I’ll do that for you when I get the chance.

what keyboard do you use?

I’m not sure if I’m looking at the right thing, but in Settings > Language & Keyboard it says “current keyboard: HTC Sense Input - HTC Sense Input” and my language is set to “English (United Kingdom)”.

Is that the right place? I’m not too familiar with smartphones.

Yep, that’s it. I don’t have an HTC device anymore, so I can’t test that on my devices. Maybe it’s an HTC-only issue. I look forward to seeing your debug log, I really hope I can get to the bottom of this.

For those of you who are following the API changes for SRS stages ( Official announcement on upcoming API Version 2 breaking changes. Addition of new endpoint /spaced_repetition_systems ): I have an update for FD ready that takes these changes on board. I have some more testing to do, but I expect I can push it to the Play Store tomorrow evening.

Basically, in the future the names of the SRS stages (Apprentice, Guru, …) are going to disappear. We don’t know yet what it will be replaced by, but it’s surely going to look very different. For now the presentation in FD is going to stay the same, but eventually I’ll have to let the app change along with the world around it. If anyone has good ideas for that I’m happy to hear them. I want to keep the old names around for a long time for the veterans who are used to them, but as a heads up, there will probably come a time where I just have to cut the cord and let them die.

In addition, this update will have some improvements for the quiz screen and the keyboard handling. I expect that will resolve a lot of the remaining frustration/annoyance with the quiz screen. And I have an initial UI for resurrecting items. Nothing fancy for now, but I’m curious to see how well that will work in practice.


Version 1.24.0, 2020-06-18:

  • Small layout tweaks, mostly to make things fit better on small-screen devices.

  • New converged session screen that combines all of the session workflow. This is mostly behind-the-scenes only, the only visible part of this change is that it’s possible to have slide animations when moving from one question to another during the session.

  • Ability to resurrect and re-burn subjects. To use this, you must put your WK password in the app under API settings.

  • Option to set a keyboard language hint, to give keyboards an opportunity to switch layout between reading and meaning questions. Only works on Android 7.1 and up, and doesn’t always have a noticeable effect.

  • Option to fix the height of the main quiz question view. Be careful with this one; the app does not check if the chosen height is usable, so setting this too small or too large will cause various layout problems.

  • Remove support for the old /srs_stages API endpoint, enable support for multiple SRS systems.

  • Do a Wiktionary or Jisho lookup by doing a long press on a subject title.

  • More fine-grained notification priority/category settings.

  • Add option to briefly disable lightning mode when a meaning answer is ‘close enough but not exactly correct’.

Resurrecting (and similarly, burning items that were previously resurrected) is implemented differently from all other API interaction since the V2 API does not (yet) support resurrecting. This functionality uses a web login and the undocumented interface used by the web site. The downside is that this interface may randomly break whenever the WK devs update the web site. The UI for resurrecting items has been completely separated from the rest of the app to make sure that if it breaks, the rest of the app will just continue to function normally.

To use this functionality, you’ll have to put your WK password into the app, under API settings. For now, the only resurrection interface is to resurrect/burn a single item. If you’re looking at the subject info dump on any screen, and the item is eligible to be resurrected/burned, you’ll see an extra button at the very bottom.

I plan to add more convenient resurrect features, such as bulk-resurrecting items in self-study that you have incorrectly answered. But it’s all going to be sideline actions that happen outside of the core workflow of the app, so that a breaking web site change doesn’t cripple the app comnpletely.


Well, there’s a first. The 1.24 update was rejected by Google. I used to have some code in the debug log upload that would tolerate unrecognized certificates, to make sure that the upload will even work on very old devices. But Google doesn’t like that. This is probably going to be an issue for more apps on old devices in the future now that a bunch of old root certificates are going to expire soon-ish.

I’ve uploaded an update without that relaxed checking, and hopefully that’ll sail through quickly.


I’m experiencing a very painful and unwilling transition from my much-loved ‘Wanikani mobile’ app to Flaming Durtles (due to the API changes). “Dragged kicking and screaming” might be a better description than “painful and unwilling”, actually.

I want the swipe function on my keyboard to work, and I want word hints for meanings to appear. I’m not getting either to happen. I’m using gboard.

I’ve read the keyboard help in the app, and browsed this topic, but can’t see the answer … What have I missed to make these two things possible please?

I’m not sure what you mean by swipe function, but if you mean glide typing, that works normally as long as you don’t have the ‘visible password’ option enabled. Similarly, Gboard is giving word completion hints if you have that option disabled. You may want to try enabling auto-correct in the settings, but that shouldn’t be necessary.

In general, the default keyboard settings (enable for meaning ASCII keyboard, and enable for no personalized learning, disable everything else) work fine for Gboard.

The new update seems to be very weird for me. Im using anki mode and when i say incorrect it changes to the answer screen immediately, the answer still visible. Anyway to change it back to how it was?

And also disable the swiping behavior?

Looks like I missed hiding the answer when the subject info dump is shown. I’ll fix that. But other than that, the answer screen is supposed to show when you press the Incorrect button. Or am I missing something else that changed there?

You can turn that off in Settings -> Display.

Thanks, at least i fixed the sliding. Well just to show you, i clicked on incorrect and had this:

Then next and had this:

Its supposed to go back to the screen with answer invisible right?

Also i have 600 reviews, maybe thats screwing it up?

Yes, I can see where the bug is. This can only happen if you answer one question incorrectly and then immediately get asked the exact same question again. I implemented xxllua’s suggestion to delay a question coming back immediately in a situation like that, but because of ordering settings it may still come back immediately. What kind of ordering settings do you currently have for reviews?

Regardless, it’s a silly oversight and I’ll have it fixed ASAP.

No, don’t worry about that. Large sessions take longer to start up and consume more memory, but modern devices will have no problem with that. As long as you can get the session started normally, the size of the session doesn’t matter for how the app works from then on.

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When i have an answer wrong, it comes back immediately

That’s more worrying, and I don’t see that happening here at all. Unless the session is nearly done, or your ordering settings prevent it, you should never get the same question back immediately.

Could you trigger it again and then upload your debug log? I’d really like to see why your session thinks it’s appropriate to show the same question again.

Thank you so much for your prompt response, it’s incredibly helpful.
Yes I meant glide, apologies.
I’ve got glide and hints working now. Except it’s also showing hints when I’m typing in Japanese words, so it shows like ‘wazawai’ etc. I expect I could learn to live with that.
Thank you for the app, you have clearly spent a lot of time on it.

Yeah, that’s kind of an annoyance with keyboards. You’re typing ASCII letters, and the app changes them to kana, but the keyboard doesn’t pick up on that. The ‘visible password’ option is kind of an exaggerated sledgehammer option, but you could try enabling ‘visible password’ for readings, and keeping it disabled for meanings? Or, if you are running Android 7.1 or later, you could try enabling ‘Set keyboard language hint to Japanese for readings’. That’s a new option I introduced that may help some people get their keyboards to behave properly.

Keyboards in Android are a nightmare if you have special requirements like quizzing in different languages…

Ok, cool, thanks, super helpful.
I wonder how the guy managed to get it right in the Wanikani mobile app then, because that never happened there.