[Android] Dictionary app with SRS/quiz feature?

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a Japanese-English dictionary app for Android which provides a quiz/flashcard feature for reviewing the words I’ve been looking up. Any good suggestions out there?

Preferably it would be in the same app, but I would also consider dictionary apps that seamlessly allows export to an Anki deck, for instance. I would be willing to pay for a nice experience, so non-free app suggestions are also welcome.

I know that I could just build an Anki deck myself, but I would much rather spend my time on further reading than creating/editing Anki cards.

So far I’m just using Jsho, which is okay, but does not have any kind of SRS/quiz features.

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There is a browser extension called Yomichan (and another one whose name I forgot - Rikaikun?) that lets you create Anki cards with one click from Jisho. Sounds like kinda exactly what you were not looking for :wink:
Anyways, I don’t use them but you can find further information if you search these forums.

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Yeah they’re all here

But aren’t they looking for an Android app?


Oh sorry, forgot to mention: That would be Anki for Android then, as they were planning to use Anki anyways.

Or so I think :wink:

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Looking at the list of software we have there it actually looks like Takoboto | Download offline apps might be what they’re looking for. As @sinkiepwnsinkie has just mentioned below.


I use Takoboto on the phone and it has an export to Anki function which comes in quite handy. You can create a list in the application, put words into the list and then export the list to Anki


Oh, now I get it, they are doing the lookups on the phone and want to create the list from that :woman_facepalming:

(I use Jisho only on desktop so that put me on a tangent… Sorry for the confusion!)

Thank you, I think either Takoboto or Akebi (found in The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List) might actually fit the bill!

I’ll give those a go :blush:

It sounds like maybe you’ve found something else, but Jsho does itself export to anki, should you want that. (I don’t know if it can be done as a list or only just one at a time, as I do it as a word comes up.)

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+1 for Takoboto! I use it constantly for everything and have populated some thousands of anki cards that way.
I also find that its search algorithm is more forgiving than Jisho’s, which is great when there’s sentences where I’m not 100% sure on the conjugation or word divisions.

The export is easy, it just generates a big csv file of all your word lists.


Just wanted to follow up in case it’s useful to others. :slightly_smiling_face:

Akebi is definitely my choice so far. Not only does it have a flashcard feature in-app, but also has seamless export to AnkiDroid. The regular dictionary experience is also nice.

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