An intransitive verb that uses を?

Hello everyone, today when I learn about the word 巡る(めぐる)wanikani says that it is an intransitive verb, as well as does. However, why does it use the particle を as in the wanikani example (and other examples in jisho too) 「今日は五つのお寺を巡る予定です。」(we’ve arranged to go around to five temples today). Thank you so much for taking your time and answer this!!

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Movement verbs use を to indicate the route. For example:

公園を歩く = walk through the park


公園に歩く = walk to the park


This usage of を isn’t marking a direct object, so the verb isn’t transitive.


I am today years old when I found this out!! thank you very much!!

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I understood, thank you very much!!

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