Amusing kanji typos

They happen. Any you’ve come across?

Was taking one of the grammar quizzes on japanesetest4you earlier, and this tripped me the hell up. (Wasn’t familiar with the phrase that was supposed to be used, but with the correct kanji I could have sussed out the meaning. With the mistaken kanji, though…)

教育の現場にいる人間が、極端なことを「…1…」ために、結局のところ何もしないという状況に陥っているという現実があります。実際には、物凄く厳しい先生は、生徒に嫌がられるけれど、後になると必ず感謝される。それが仮に間違った教育をしても、少なくとも仮面教師にはなりうる ということになる。が、最近ではそんな厳しい先生はいなくなってきた。下手なことをして教育委員会やPTAに叩かれるよりは、何もしないほうがマシ、となるからです。

Can you spot it? (Hint: It’s off by one radical and probably owes to the mistakenly used kanji appearing earlier in the same sentence. Really changes the meaning.) Also, feel free to post anyone you’ve come across in daily life or native reading.

I’m used to the “find the mistaken kanji and correct it section” of Kanken, but you’ll have to tell me the answer.

Edit: oh I see what you mean, I was looking for something with the same reading as the kanji that was used (literally a typing mistake)


Is it 仮面? Cause that’s the only part that makes no sense to me.

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Indeed it is. From “bad example teacher” (反面教師) to (the legendary!) “masked teacher”.

@Leebo Yeah, that’d be the more common occurrence. Here I’m guessing that having seen/used a similar kanji earlier in the sentence just put it on the writer’s mind and led to a mental slip-up right afterward.


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