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I just signed up for and want to make sure I removed WK vocab from the 10k deck the right way. The number of cards with the WK tag to remove should be 9567, correct?


All: 19134
Hibernated: 7515

After I hibernated WK tags with the “10k - Kitsun Optimized” deck.

I think I messed something up. I selected “10k Voc Kitsun mod - Community deck” from the drop down, search “WK” in tags, and hibernated all cards that came up.

After that I was still getting WK cards in my lessons so I selected the other dropdown option (“10k Voc Kitsun mod - Community deck”)

Now it says I have 13333 hibernated. Any ideas of where I went wrong?

One is either vocab or sentences on the drop down (Voc or Sent). It doesn’t filter your tag until you click the ‘Advanced Search’ button. I just took a quick look, looks like 3766 items on the WK filter for the vocab (and sentences) so ~7500 combined if not doing sentence. There are only ~6500 vocab on WK, 9567 appears to be the total vocab card count so looks like your tag filter wasn’t applied earlier.

Thank you, I think that was the issue (I ended up with exactly 7500 hibernated).

Is there any reason to not hibernate the sentences?

For sentences with WK tag…I haven’t worked this deck to even comment (@jprspereira or @FlamySerpent would be better resource) but you don’t get a sentence reading or a listening comprehension SRS exercise on WK (or even a Eng->Jp on the vocab unless using a 3rd party).

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I messed up, 13k hibernated items sounds about right.

Or? I have no idea. I have to look into it. If I hibernate all the items with the WK tag, sentences and vocab I end up with 13k hibernated items.

Edit: Now I ended up with 7500 hibernated again. It’s fixed. Seems like the site is wonky, ended up with wrong amount of hibernation multiple times and somehow broke my deck so I ended up with 800 reviews. It’s back and working now.

I know I’m late to the party

In case other people see this, I would recommend the sentence cards for more advanced people (say, those with at least a solid N4 level of grammar). Otherwise, just SRS the vocab, understand the example sentences, and you’ll be fine!

If there’s still something going up, let us know on the Kitsun thread please :pray:


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