Amount of review bug

The dashboard shows me always 79 reviews since 4 days. When I stars the session, the actual amount shows up.
Also, the recent unlocks that are shown are from october.
It is not a big problem but it still bothers me. Anyone knows how to fix this?

Can you take some screenshots? Are you running any scripts?

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Here are somw screenshots. I have just reached a new level but it still say I am in level 10. Nothing Updates on the dashboard…

All mobile apps are third party, not created by WaniKani themselves. So something must be wrong with the app. Many apps are using an API that’s currently in beta (meaning it changes from time to time) and sometimes that means the apps break. If you can find the discussion topic on the forums for that specific app, you should post there.

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I’ve noticed this as well comparing results between the upcoming reviews and what is displayed as reviews in the next day. I noticed it as well on a mobile app, but found it consistent in the web UI as well. I’ll try and see if I can get some more detailed info and screenshots when I get home or when I have data to display, since I just finished my reviews.

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