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I’ve been watching a thing or two on Amazon Prime both for enjoyment and for helping my listening skills.

Here are some I have viewed:

Prime Japan: This series is pretty nice. Really, it is just a series of documentaries on different aspects of Japan (Sushi, Cats, Ramen,etc). The episodes are about a third to a half in English and the rest is in clearly spoken Japanese.

Galileo: A decidedly mediocre drama about a detective. Part police-work, part love story. I probably would not watch if it were in English, but it is a nice resource for learning the language.

After the Rain: A pretty good Slice of Life anime. Nice art and music.

Please share if you find anything else worthwhile.


Thank you for these! I just watch Crayon Shin Chan without subs because that’s the mental level I’m at.


I’ve also incresed the amount of japanese warching hours by using Amazon Prime and Netlfix Japan.

In Amazon Prime my faves are:
プロフェッショナル 仕事の流儀 : the lives of different japanese professionals, usually in some field of work I’m not at all related. They are succesful japanese people working in Japan and abroad (so some english might get in there sometimes too). It’s fun to watch, and vocab in different fields is used, so there’s that. Very light show… will put it as background when cooking for example :sweat_smile:

美味しんぼ : anime for foodies. A talented girl with a keen yet untested palate and a guy with a great palate and an incredible knowledge about food, go over the miriad of japanese food delicacies to finally get togethrer the difinitive aniversary menu for the newspaper for which they work. Very detailed in terms of the nuances of japanese cousine.

昼のセント酒 : An office worker that spends his working afternoons slacking off and going into the different kind of japanese sento baths over Tokio :sweat_smile: … the sento version of the Samurai Gourmet show you could say …

アニメで分かる心療内科 : a total gem this anime is. I don’t really know the aimed audience… They’re 5 minutes episodes describing different mental illness / conditions by a team made of a doctor and two nurses… where as the conditions get explained the nurses imagination go overboard, sometime leading to naughty interpretations of what such condition might be :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


If anyone is interested in Galileo but doesn’t have Amazon Prime, it’s also on Crunchyroll. I thought it was a fun show.


I have also watched quite a bit of Japanese language material on Amazon Prime video including:

  • Tokyo Girl (drama - easy to follow without subs)
  • Kyoto love story (drama - harder to follow because of Kansai dialect)
  • The Great Passage (anime about compiling a dictionary - unexpectedly interesting - especially if, like me, you love words)
  • Scums Wish (anime - high school romance that is handled very differently to the usual anime - definitely not PG)

Has anyone found any books or manga worth reading on Kindle with an Amazon Prime membership? There is a lot of content, I just don’t know what to read.

I just wanted to create a thread asking for recommendations but then I found this one, thank you all for posting.

My Amazon Prime Video (Japan only) recommendation and the only reason I got Prime is: Game of Thrones.

It is a nice change since I don’t need subtitles because I remember all the original dialog (I used to be a bit obsesses woth ASOIAF before Japanese took over all my free time…). And since the final season will be airing in April, now is just the right time for a rewatch.


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