Am I the only one who enjoys the slow pace on WaniKani?

I am starting to get slow on the vocab side and fast on the kanji side, liking this pace :sweat_smile:
Be aware that many that use slow pace, actually getting fast in other areas outside WK. The balance is tipped on the other side. For me, I go fast on building vocab outside WK and immersion.

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Hello hello, welcome! Happy to hear you’re enjoying worshipping at the altar of the Crabigator learning kanji!

If you do 15 lessons a day, every day, you’ll end up with a review load of maybe 100-150 reviews a day when all the SRS stages are filled. Iirc, i did about 20-25 lessons a day and had seven day levels, and 175-200 reviews a day for a lot of WK. Assuming you review every day without fail or pause.

If you’re on PC, there is a user-script that looks at predicted daily review numbers. You can always keep an eye on that and lay off lessons if you’re getting antsy about it at any time.

Edit: And the WK dashboard gives you a weekly forecast of reviews, too, of course. If you feel like the numbers in the coming week are looking a bit high, you can also slow down or stop lessons for a bit.

Apprentice numbers cause the most reviews, since they’ll show up 4 times before going to Guru. So if things bloat, treading water until you get Apprentice and Guru numbers down some can create some breathing room. Always better to slow down than to burn out and stop!


It’s not slow at all. You’ll see.

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Hey new friend, I am also a slow pacer so congrats and welcome to the community!

But I do wonder, can you share some of that grammar enthusiasm, because I’m really bad at grammar but love all the vocabulary and kanji haha…so basically the opposite. <3

Anyways, I hope to see you around more often, even if the pace gets more difficult in the future. Never give up and never surrender! :slight_smile:

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hello there. I’m new to WaniKani too and just like you, currently I’m on level 2. I love their system very much and already considered paying for the annual subscription right away after I go to level 3. Let’s drill together!

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I don’t really know why I like grammar that much, but I think it’s because I personally like rules and structure. And grammar is (in my opinion) a lot of little rules that you can apply to bring structure in your sentences. And once you know a grammar rule, you can apply it to any sentence you want! So for me grammar feels like the backbone of a language. For example, while watching a show in a language I’m learning, I might hear a word that I don’t know, but because I know grammar I will be like “Oh, this I recognize the past tense. So this word must be a verb used in the past tense.” I don’t know why but I like to dissect sentences like that. :sweat_smile: And somehow it also helps me guess the meaning of the word via context.

I wish I could be a vocabulary enthouiast like you though, because when I try to form sentences by myself, even though I know how to form them, I have to look up every single word I want to use because I lack vocabulary haha!

I hope I’ll see you around too! I’m very new to this community so i’m still figuring out how to be a part of it, but I already feel incredibly welcome!

Yes! Let’s do this!

Thank you so much for your tips! I will definitely use them!

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