Am I supposed to know how to spell onion

Hello fellow WaniKani users.
I’m new here, a level 2 kanji master wannabe.

I came across this lesson where you are learning the word onion.

“ねぎ means onion” it says even though it hasn’t been mentioned before assuming you already know the Japanese spelling.

Did this look odd to anyone else or just me?

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Where are they assuming you know it? It’s taught right there in that explanation.

Besides, that part is in hiragana, so you don’t need to have it memorized. They’re just enplaining the parts of the word that come together to make this vocab.


Nah, it’s telling you it means “onion” precisely because you’ve never seen it before. Essentially doing it’s job as a vocabulary lesson :sweat_smile:


The “negi” part is already written in Hiragana, so no one need to assume it nor memorize it, as long as they can read hiragana.

Maybe they saved up the Kanji (if exist, I havent reached that part yet) for later.

Also to answer your question, I dont feel anything odd.

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Well I’ve learned the word for ball, 玉, no problems there.

I was just wondering about the ~ねぎ part which turns ball into onion.
Thinking about it it’s not that uncommon that WaniKani is teaching me kanji with attached hiragana which obviously changes the meaning of having the kanji alone.

God help you when you realise that WaniKani doesn’t teach grammar or Kana only vocabulary.

The vocabulary means “Round Onion”


玉 = Round
ねぎ = Onion

Doesn’t take much of a mental gymnast to work it out; and hey… you’d have to learn ねぎ means onion at some point, it’s not exactly a rare word and is pretty much never in Kanji.

TL;DR You need to be studying kana only vocabulary and building vocabulary.


Well, I’m fully aware that WaniKani doesn’t teach you grammar or Kana only vocabulary.

I just I just answered my own question though :grinning:




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